CSA Week #4

YAY! More fresh veggies have arrived! I was so sad not to have received my box last week because of the holiday. I’m so glad we are back up and running! I was getting bare fridge and needed a refill! I’ve also heard the same echoed from you as well!

I will say we were falling a bit behind and just today ate the last of our swiss chard. I think I may have a bit of arugula left, but otherwise my veggies did a great job of lasting for almost 2 weeks! We’ve had some amazing recipes and some that were not so great! I’d love to hear from you what you’ve had and how you’ve cooked them! Always looking for new ideas!

So here are some of the things you may have received in your boxes. I personally didn’t get the bok choy or yellow squash. I spoke with Byron earlier today and he said that the boxes are often very similar or will hold similar produce but may not be exactly the same.

So as per my usual, here are some ideas for this weeks produce. If you have some yummy recipes to share, please do!


Onions: Does anyone need help with these? We go through onions like water… or so it seems! I love adding these to boiled potatoes and serve them for breakfast with a sunny side up egg over top. The kids call them “breakfast potatoes with dippy eggs”. Either way, they really are delish! French onion soup also sounds good even if it is summer! Finding a ways to make that dairy and gluten free might be challenging though! Seriously though, we use onions in everything, so if you EVER need help eating yours, PLEASE call me up!

Tomatoes: I’m a huge fan of FRESH vine ripened farm tomatoes. It doesn’t get much better! Although, on the flip side I STRONGLY dislike any type of cooked tomatoes and yes that would include pizza with too much sauce, lasagna, cheese shells, chili with too many tomatoes, or spaghetti. I’ve had a dislike since childhood and it’s still just as strong! My poor children will never enjoy these foods in this home! But for how I’m going to use mine! I actually think a pico de gallo sounds fantastic with the onions and cilantro and serve with some corn chips! Mmm!!!! Makes my mouth water already. I still have some dried jalapenos hanging in my kitchen window from last year that I could add to it as well!

Cilantro: This herb is fantastic! It adds so much flavor! We chop it and add it to omelets or sprinkle over chili. Lately a preferred lunch has been a piece of deli ham with a little hummus spread on it with carrot and cucumber slices layered on top and a little fresh cilantro or basil added and rolled up. Eat it like a taquito. So fantastic and the kids and I rave about them! HUGE treat in our house!

We also have a favorite recipe for fish tacos that uses a little cilantro. It also has a cabbage slaw that goes on top! If you received cabbage in your box you could use it in this recipe or even sub out the bok choy!

Arugula: I’m usually not a huge fan of the spiciness of arugula so I spent some time looking for some recipes that may interest me and excite my kiddos! NomNomPaleo is one of my favorite places to look. She always produces fantastic recipes and I’ve never had anything from her site that we didn’t like. This recipes for Thai-Inspired-Crispy-Duck-Arugela-Salad really looks amazing and I’m tempted to give it a try. Too bad I didn’t see this one when we had kohlrabi to use! I’m also not so sure the budget can handle duck legs, but I think I may have some chicken legs that I might use, although I know it DEFINITELY won’t be nearly as good!

The Paleo Mom also puts out some pretty taste recipes and this one for BBQ Chicken and arugula pesto sounds pretty amazing! I’m really liking the pesto idea!

Cabbage: Last week I made some homemade fermented sauerkraut and I think I may do another batch since we enjoy it so much. I’m also a sucker for Reuben sandwiches and since we don’t do grains we sometimes will have all the Reuben fixings on a plate sprinkled with caraway seeds to give it a little rye flavor. It really is very good!

Bok choy: As I mentioned in the past we particularly like bok choy in our Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder. Two different people said they made it last week and really enjoyed it. I’ve also added it to lots of different types of soups and stews. It would also might a nice light slaw too!

Summer Squash: I didn’t get any of these, so those of you who did, enjoy and those who didn’t Farmer Byron said there will be plenty more (tomatoes as well) as the summer progresses! I’m not a huge squash fan, so it will be a project for me to find new ways to enjoy it! However, I do have a recipe for Poor Man’s Crabcakes which usually usues zucini, but squash works as well. It’s a huge family favorite around here!

Hanover: I’d never heard of this before and I’m excited to try it! Here is a page I found with some nice info about it. I’m planning on using mine in green smoothies or as our favorite salad with craisins, almonds, sheeps feta and our sweet poppy seed dressing.  I also found this recipe for collards, which I’m sure you could use the hanover in it. It looks to have more ingredients and more flavor than just onions and garlic. I think I may give this a try this week!

Cucumbers: Cucumbers are one of my favorite veggies and the kids love them as well. They like them with hummus or just in sticks as a snack. I also slice them thin in rounds with the skin still on and serve tuna salad or egg salad on them. The kids call them cuke crackers! It’s an easy way to have these salads without gluten or grains! I also REALLY like dill pickles! We canned quite a few last year which turned out fantastic! Not really enough cucumbers to can this week, but maybe in future boxes!

Turnips: The first week of the CSA we had some turnips, but I don’t think we’ve had any since. I’m excited to have these again. In the past I had no idea how to cook them, but we have found a favorite! Brian roasted them in bacon grease with salt and pepper in a cast iron skillet on the grill and man were they good! They were simply amazing! I’ve broiled them and roasted them in the oven before, but they’ve never been that good! We are excited to do it again!

Blueberries: Who could forget these and what a treat! We enjoy them over granola for a quick and simple breakfast or I’ve found this AMAZING grain free diary free coffee cake that is really fantastic! The original recipe calls for cherries, but I’ve used all types of fruits including our wild picked raspberries from last week! I’ve used blueberries as well and it is utterly scrumptious!

So there is your new list of ideas for this week! Let me know what you come up with and how you use your veggies! As always this email will be in post form on the blog early next week.


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