Etsy {My Shop}

So I said about a month ago I don’t sell anything on my blog or advertise, etc. Well… I still don’t advertise, and as if life isn’t busy enough with homeschooling and taking care of 4 kiddos age 7 and under, working part time as an RN, selling doTERRA oils, selling Kombucha, and the other myriad of things a stay at home mom does… I’ve add one more thing! Like I need one more thing!

It’s an Etsy shop!

I’ve posted before about how much I love Etsy and the people who create, produce and sell amazing stuff! I know some people are adicted to pinterest, and don’t get me wrong, I like pinterest too, but I LOVE Etsy. The people you buy from are real people trying to make a living and using their abilities to do so! A lot of these sellers are moms… like me… who need to make an extra buck to be able to stay at home with their kiddos!


Yes, I could make much more working at my RN job, but I definitely don’t enjoy it as much as the other projects I’ve gotten myself into! For years now I’ve made Christmas gifts and there is something so special about making something you KNOW the other person is just gonna love! Here are some of those projects from 2012 and 2013.


I also thrive on making something new out of something old. Most of the pices I’ve made and am selling are from old magazines, cloth from old dresses or discarded items from craigslist or freecycle. I LOVE upcycling items. It’s such a thrill to take anothers dicards and make something new that brings delight to another.


I think part of the reason I so love doing this is that it’s a precious picture of what God has done to and for us. He has taken a sinful person destined for destruction and created a new being. Preserved us and regenerated us to do something useful for His Kingdom! We are no longer useless, but now able to be used for Him and His purposes if we are willing!IMG_20140820_142507406

So enough of the sales pitch. It’s another avenue I’ve started down and hopefully once the homeschool year starts I’m not going to drown. I’ve pre made some things and I’m really hoping that it’s enough that I can just sell through the school year and use the summer to create! That’s the game plan at least!


Anyway… thanks for reading! Check out my shop to see what I’ve been up to!

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