What is ‘your life’?

I haven’t really ever done a post like this, but this seems to be a new season in my life, in our family and for the blog too! This post is definitely a bit more philosophical than most, and I think we often don’t take time to slow down, think and contemplate or meditate. So here is an opportunity to read, think and reflect inward.

What is ‘your life’?

I’ve recently started working as a Registered Nurse Birth Assistant (RNBA) for a birth center nearby and I could be tempted to make this my life. I LOVE my work and it’s so exciting to see new births, new families being born, life starting every day and joy being poured into lives! I walk out thinking, “I actually get paid for this!” I’ve been working here for about 6 months and the ecstasy is starting to wear off a bit. If I was truly tempted to make this my life I’m starting to see how it won’t deliver, it doesn’t have the umph to fill that need. It just can’t….

In the last year I’ve also been introduced to essential oils and I’ve fallen in love with them. I love how they serve and protect and heal our family. I’m excited to share them with others and show them how to use them! I’m gaining more and more knowledge and can’t wait to pass it on to help others. This also could become ‘my life’, but it too won’t fill that emptiness or void that seeks to be filled.

I’m also a homeschooling mom, I could try and make that my life, and I enjoy green living… I have many other interests that I could maybe be passionate enough about to make it my life…

Is my life about what I get or how great my life is or how happy I am or what brings me joy? Seeing the good things around me and appreciating them does bring some measure of happiness and joy, but it only points to the object I’m finding happiness in and then pointing back to myself and how it makes ME feel. But there is so much more to it than that. By seeing the good things around me that have been given to me or have blessed my life I’m thankful… and it should then induce deep gratitude to God. It should cause me to praise him and bring me on my knees in worship.

There is only one thing that can truly be ‘my life’ and that will truly fulfill me. The only thing that can satisfy that longing and that emptiness that creeps in when I’m alone and thinking and allowing myself to feel and think and be. Jesus Christ is the hole that I have and He is the only one that can fill it. All the other things that I enjoy in life and that I’m passionate about are good gifts He has given me to enjoy and to pursue in this life, but it isn’t the ultimate reason for life. It doesn’t fill me or give me the strength each day to go out and do more, give more, be more. Only Jesus can do that.

I’d like to say I thought of all these things, but I didn’t. We had a sermon on Sunday that really made me think. It was encouraging and also re-orienting. To remember what ‘my life’ is really all about and Who fills it and give me purpose. Randy Newman was a guest speaker and I always enjoy it when he comes to visit. He is engaging and speaks deep truth in a simple and engaging way. He is VERY humorous, but uses humor to make a point go deep and strike hard. It’s well used humor.

Here is the sermon on youtube and I would love for you to take the time to listen what he has to say. It’s really good and the time flies by since he is such a great speaker! After reading and/or watching I’d love to know what you think. Leave me a comment with your thoughts, or send me an email!

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