I Choose Joy

It’s been a while. Posting hasn’t been quite as frequent lately!!! Wow! Time flies when business creeps into your life. Friends recently have commented to me on my blog and writing and state things like, “Well, I couldn’t do it. I’m not a writer.” Sorry to disappoint… I’m not a writer either!

I’m certainly not good at putting thoughts on paper, and in reality, I LOVE math and science. The arts I appreciate for the amazing talent they display. That is not me. Writing is more of a science to me. No literary or artistic abilities. I only write to put thought on paper.

Sometimes I think this blog is more therapeutic for me than it is to share with my readers. I’m a ‘do it and get it done, chica.’ and I don’t have time to waste. “Pull up your britches and get to work!”


Over the past (almost) two years things have changed a lot for me and my family. I haven’t been able to do it all myself and it’s been good for me… humbling for me. It’s also demanded a lot of mental processing and a slowing down to think and meditate and pray. Because of my normal approach to life I don’t allow much space for thinking.

This blog does that. I have to stop and think and process before I can type it out.

The Lord begins to work on me and change me and I need to make the space to let it seep in and marinate my soul. Not to push through and press onward, but to stop. Rest. Think. Be.

Lately I’ve been seeing joy in the small things again. I’m choosing to see joy in the everyday. I can get overwhelmed. I can choose self-pity.

I choose joy.

Today it was a grass hopper in the CSA box. It’s a beautiful creature, made by God. A reminder to me today that ALL is created by Him and for His glory. There are no exceptions. He gives us even the small things to see Him in each moment of the day. I’m seeing those things again.

The clouds that fog my vision and brain are easing up. I enjoy the rain today. It’s refreshing the soil as He refreshes my soul.

I choose joy.

Yesterday we needed to go to the dentist for a tooth cleaning for Aisling and Tonchi appeared to have a tooth abscess and the dentist graciously looked at him at the end of Aisling’s appointment and then squeezed us in to take care of his problem with out having to come back another day. She was attentive, thoughtful, compassionate and generous.

I choose joy.

You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
Psalms 16:11 NKJV

The Lord brings joy in the morning. No matter what we go through, there can still be joy found and it is in His presence we find the joy we are looking for. Not in this world or the temporary or fleeting joys it has to offer. Where am I looking?

I’m looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. I choose joy because of what he has done for me. I choose joy because He knows me. I choose joy because He speaks directly to my heart and soul in a way that I can hear. I choose joy because I’m not walking this life alone. I choose joy because in joy I see Him more.

I’m not trusting only in the omnipotent power of Jesus. I’m only looking at what He has done and having faith that He can do abundantly more. I see his promises fulfilled. I see his faithfulness to me through the years.

I choose joy.


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