And… Changes become more apparent!

So many of you dear readers have faithfully walked with us through the last two years of difficult times. I’m so grateful and so humbled and blessed. It’s not easy to hear the hard stories and the tears and the struggles. But you did. And you’ve offered many words of comfort, prayers and endless hugs and listening ears. Thank you.

Those things are still there. And yet God uses the difficult to paint a beautiful picture. There needs to be darkness in the night sky to appreciate the stars and shadows to appreciate the light. As the paintings of our lives are being produced we can’t see why there are the dark spots and the painfulness, and yet we are promised a beautiful work of art created by the Great Maker.

I think some of the darker colors on our canvas are starting to get lighter and brighter!

Most of you know our story well. After the loss of our boys, the last two years haven’t been easy. Over the last two months we had been contemplating the next step for our family. We would LOVE to have more children and feel like there are children yet missing from our lives. We prayed and talked about what we should do. Do we try again? Do we not? Are these four wonderful kids our family? Will there be more? Should we adopt?

I had no idea what to do to start the adoption process and wasn’t fully convinced it was the next step for us. Brian and I both spent time praying over all these questions. We didn’t have any sure answers or clear direction. In desperation for clarity I asked God to bring us a baby if we were to adopt. To help us see clearly His desire for us. And He did just that…

My sister called me a little over a month ago (she didn’t know what we had been discussing and praying about) and said she knew of a young mama who was pregnant, but unable to keep the baby herself. She wanted to know if we would be willing to adopt the baby.

“YES!!! Yes we would!”

What an answer to prayer! God brought us a baby, delivered straight to us! We are so excited to be a part of this mama’s story and her baby who is due to arrive in late June.

We have been in contact with this mama and I’m so blessed to know her and be a part of her pregnancy and life. She is a strong woman to know she can’t raise this child in the way she desires and hopes for this little one. What strength, to be willing to place this life with another family that already adores him/her. We are so blessed and so grateful! We love this mama and hope she is a continued part of our lives and of this little one as well.

I know that even in this new and changing part of our canvas there are brighter colors, and I know it will need dark colors to make it as beautiful as it’s meant to be. As excited as we are, we also know that it won’t be an easy road and that there will be difficulty and unexpected turns along the way. But we have faith that this is the direction which God is clearly leading us.

Also, those of you who know me, also know that I don’t like to ask for help. But… We can’t do this on our own. We are guessing that the adoption will probably cost us between $15,000-$20,000. Not money that we have squirreled away, that’s for sure! I won’t get on my soap box now, but it’s really frustrating that there is a mom who can’t raise her baby and a family who would love to adopt the baby and the cost seems ridiculous!

Moving on…

So… since all of this has happened so quickly we were not financially prepared to start this process! We have faith that God has lead us this far and He will provide the funds to make it possible! This is His story and we are along for the ride! We have faith for the road ahead that God is with us and directing us as He already has. We would love for you to be a part of this walk with us, whether that is financially or through prayer! We covet both!

If you’d like to help financially we’ve set up a Go Fund Me page and we would love for you to contribute there! I also hope to continue documenting the process here, so stay tuned and thanks for walking this road with us!

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