Craziness in our House!

I’ve always hoped to be posting on my blog twice a week and I was really good at that when I first started posting a little over 6 years ago. But life has changed and with it some of my priorities! I’m disappointed I don’t have more time for this blog, but I’m also really excited about where life is going! This is NOT a last post or saying I’m taking it down! Anything but!!! I just noticed it had been a whole month with not a peep from me!

So… I’m overdue for an update!

I know I posted back in December about the feeling that things were about to change. Brian and I had talked about it and prayed about it and the Lord impressed on us that things were going to change in some big ways. We didn’t know how or what and we weren’t looking for them. We had peace to sit back and live life and let the change come to us. And it certainly has!

In mid to late December we were told about a mama who may not be able to keep her baby and was trying to decide if she was going to put the baby up for adoption. I’ve been in touch with her on almost a daily basis. It’s been such a joy to develop a relationship with her and get to know this dear mama.

Things have continued to progress and it looks like this little boy will be joining our family sometime in late June or early July! In fact I just booked my flight last nigh to California! It’s been a wild crazy ride, but it’s looking like things are going to finish well!

On top of this Brian’s niece is in foster care right now and we are proceeding with the process of potentially becoming long term foster parents or possibly adopting her. She is 12 and has a lot of health issues resulting from a severe form of autism. We will be so excited to have her and be able to care for her, but it will cause some big changes for this family!

She probably won’t be able to come here until at least late July or early August for various reasons. But prior to then, we need to be looking for a new car that can accommodate a wheelchair and 5 other children!


We are currently working insanely hard to get our whole house painted and prepped to go on the market ASAP. Thinking about our niece and her needs we are looking for a home that has a bedroom and a full bathroom on the main level. Our finances are a bit tight so the looking has gotten creative, but we firmly believe if this is the way God has for us, then he will also provide the perfect home for us! AND… we hope to move before I leave for Monterey, CA for our adoption at the end of June… so just a little over a month to get it done! (and I’m still looking for someone to rent me a room or provide housing from July 4th – July 14th ish, if you know of anyone!!)

So! LOTS going on and our life has a little bit more crazy in it than usual! But God has been so good to us and is always faithful. Never has this process been overwhelming with a to do list of 20 things. Each day holds new things to do, phone calls to make, appointments to keep, paperwork to sign or notarize, social work visits, and paint to apply! But God is carrying us moment by moment through each day and we trust we will come out on the other side victorious!

We thank SO many of you who love us and support us and have been walking this road with us! God has been using you to minister to us and to help finance our adoption and so much more! We are so grateful for each of you and we never could have done this without you, and I truly mean that!

Thank you and I hope to keep more update posts on here, but I’m not finding much time these days!


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