California at last!!

I posted this 2 days ago on our Go Fund Me page, but I don’t think a lot of people saw it so I’m going to post again!

I’ve arrived in Monterey, California! Paperwork is done! This is real!!!

I’m staying with an amazing and wonderful family who have let me into their home and have welcomed me into the mess of family life! I LOVE it!!! They have two littles aged 3 and 1 and have another on the way. I’ve only been here a few days, but I’ve been so incredibly blessed by them… Their hospitality, love, concern, prayers and serving me down to the little details!! Cream for coffee, fresh flowers at my bedside, wifi password framed on my dresser, fresh towels and washcloths on my bed, and the list could go on. Most of all the sharing of fellowship and their interest and care for our family, so they are serving unto Christ. I’m so so grateful!!

Yesterday I went to an OB appointment with birth mom and got to hear and see the baby!!! Afterwards we had lunch together and then walked down Cannery Row. It was nice to spend time talking with her and spending time with her before baby. It was a good time.

God is richly blessing my time here thus far!! I will try to keep posting more updates. Thank you SO much for your prayers, support and care for me and my family! We are so thankful for this army of people who have soldiered for Christ and follow Him in caring for His saints! All to His eternal glory!!!

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