Baby soon!!

Still waiting on that baby to make his entry!!! His (birth and adoptive) mamas are anxiously waiting!! No signs he wants to come anytime soon!

Birth mama has an induction scheduled for Wednesday. Please pray that baby would come before that and if he doesn’t that the induction would go smoothly and safely!!


Since I’m playing the waiting game I decided to see some sights!!… I started off driving down the famous California Route 1! It is AMAZING!!! Every turn I wanted to pull off and snap more photographs!! I just couldn’t stop!! Then it was further down the road to Garrapata State Park to walk the beach and the bluffs and touch the Pacific as per my kiddos request back at home! The ground cover is amazing and so difference from VA! So many shapes and designs and colors! Absolutely beautiful!


Next was Bixby Bridge and of course I had to stop for photographs!! Beautiful and amazing are words I could use over and over, but you would get bored with it!! So I will try to contain myself!!


I made it to Big Sur and Pfeiffer State park, but because of recent rains I couldn’t go trough the park and there was no detour. I didn’t even go into the state park because only 2 short trails we’re open and the falls I really wanted to see weren’t open. It wasn’t worth the $10 to me!


Further sound is Jade Cove where you can find pieces of Jade washed up on shore… But alas it was further south past the washed out bridge so I couldn’t go.  But it’s ok! The drive alone was SO worth it!


Once I got back to Seaside and Monterey I shopped at a few thrift stores for some things I needed and then enjoyed some Starbucks before going to pick up a breast milk donation for baby boy! So grateful for so many mamas in VA and CA that are helping to make sure baby boy eats well!


Then it’s back to my CA home! My lovely family had a rough night, so I hope their day at home was quiet and restful! I hope I can serve them this evening and help them finish up their day!


More to come later!! I will try to post a few photos, but I only have my phone and it’s quite tedious… We will see!!!


Bixby bridge
Bixby bridge
Garrapata State Park
Garrapata State Park
Redwood trees!!Garrapata State Park


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