Book Review {Rescuing Christina}


Rescuing Christina: The Transforming Power of an Unlikely Love
By, Shannon Kuzmich

I’ve been in California now for 31 days and counting. It has been busy, full of things to do, and I’ve had a family that I’ve been adopted into myself. Baby Aspen has been staying with me, but it’s only one kiddo! Even with all that’s going on I still have more time on my hands than I’m used to.

This book caught my eye. This family had one adopted little girl and became aware of another little girl, Christina, who needed a forever family. She had microcephaly and other health problems that were known at the moment of her birth. This couple cheerfully and willingly and excitedly adopted this little one. To give her a home, a future, love, and care. This book talks a lot about their difficulties, Christina’s health problems, and the struggles that came along with it. They loved this little girl and it was tearing their family apart having to go into the hospital over and over because of the seriousness of some of her health problems.

But they kept doing it. What could have torn their family apart eventually drew them all closer together. They all loved this little girl and wanted to do all that they could for her. At times it seemed like a hopeless situation and yet God gave them hope to press on and take the next step forward.

Some of this resonated within me as I read. It made me think about how much hope and how much perseverance we’ve needed to bring our little Aspen home. He’s still not home yet. We have five more days of waiting, that birth mom could change her mind. It’s an uncertain time and yet God holds all of this uncertainty in his hands and it’s not uncertain to him. Just like he knew Christina’s future he also knows Aspen’s future, whatever that may be.

It’s also made me think about Samantha. About going home to my four other children and what a crazy life is going to be. It’s also made me think about if and when Samantha comes in live with us how that will change our lives significantly with all of the needs that she has. Reading this book and seeing another family do it and how it drew their family together I pray the same for us.

Samantha needs a forever home; she needs to be loved; she needs parents who care for her and who want her best and hope for her to succeed in every way that she possibly can. She needs siblings who love her and care for her, entertain her and help her. I hope our family can fill those needs for her.

Since I’ve had these 31 days and counting to have more time to think and be and read, it’s helped me to step back from life and just think about our future and what that holds. It has also been a refreshing time to read my Bible and to pray. I knew I would miss my family but time away has made me love them even more. I was already committed to our family but now I’m even more committed and I’m so excited to get home to be with them and just start our normal crazy hectic family life again!

This month away has been hard but it’s been good! This book has helped me to see we’re not the only family to walk through uncertainty and adoption and special needs. We’re not the only ones who’ve done it or who will do it. We are part of a bigger picture. God knows each moment and holds each moment and has planned each moment for us. He is in EVERY detail!

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