{Book Review} The Other Side of Infamy

The Other Side of Infamy: My Journey Through Pearl Harbor and The World at War
By Jim Downing


A lot has changed in our life since the last time I posted! So much so, that I don’t know even where to start. So I won’t in this post!!

As you can see the title of this post is in regards to a book review! Now that we have a new baby in the house there’s lots of feedings, lots of bottles, lots of pacing, lots of rocking! And I wouldn’t change it for the world! So with all of that, I have a lot more time to read! It’s been fantastic!

In fact I’ve gotten through so many books recently that I have two others to post about. I’ve had the time to read but not to write the post! I hate being this far behind especially when there’s so many good books to read!!

I read a review about this book in a magazine called World and it looked really fascinating. I always like World War II history or historical fiction.

This book is a biography about a gentleman who survived Pearl Harbor. It does talk a lot about the actual Pearl Harbor attack but also includes a biography of his life and also of his involvement in Navigators. He became a Christian while in the military, got married, started a family, and was very involved in leading many military to Christ.

It is really a fascinating read! In general, stereotypically, men and women from that time. Are not generally open about their faith. They tend to be more private and not necessarily sharing their faith with each other or talking about it or writing a book about it. I found this book so refreshing and encouraging.

It is a quick and easy read and I highly recommend it! In fact, I’m looking forward to the day that my boys can read it! I know they will enjoy it as well.

If you pull it off the library shelf and give it a go, then let me know what you think!! Enjoy!!

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