Book Review: {Before Bethlehem}

Before Bethlehem

James J Fleglage

I just finished this book and it was perfect timing, just before Christmas.  It reminded me of “The Bronze Bow”.  I can’t say it was Biblically correct and there was certainly some creative license used. A super short summary would be exactly what the title states. Joseph’s life right up until the events in Bethlehem at the time of Jesus’ birth.

I got this book for free off amazon and it was right at the start of December.  It was perfect  timing.  Even if it wasn’t historically accurate it still helped me to be thinking about the true meaning of Christmas as we were entering the season.  It was nice to pick up a simple and enjoyable read that was also preparing my heart for the celebration of Christ’s birth. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the to do’s and traditions of the season which aren’t bad, but we forget the simplicity of the first Christmas.

I highly doubt that first Christmas night was silent when there were animals in the stall, a newborn possibly crying, shepherds exclaiming over the wonder of the night, angles singing and probably lots of other farm animals in the town that weren’t asleep.   But even if it wasn’t silent, it was Peace on Earth that had arrived.  He brought joy and hope and peace to hearts that didn’t know that before.

It was a simple read and I’m glad I read it.  It was perfect for the season!


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