Banana Boats

I think this blog will quickly be a lot about food. That is our lives these days! A few weeks before Thanksgiving, last year, Brian was told that he was intolerant to corn, soy, dairy and gluten and he should also not be eating any grains or sugars. He has had a history of high cholesterol and triglycerides since before we got married. Since he is adopted we don’t know any of his family history so therefore don’t really know if this is genetic or not. Since we got married in 2005 we have eaten pretty healthy compared to mainstream Americans, but for him that hasn’t been enough. We have since changed our diet significantly and you will be able to enjoy some of the recipes we have worked so hard to modify for him to enjoy as well. The kids and I still eat dairy and grains, but I’m trying to make healthier choices there as well.

So today we had banana boats for lunch, which was introduced to us at a whole foods presentation at one of our Holistic Mom’s Network meetings. In the past we have eaten a lot of bananas and peanut butter with raisins on top, but this offered us a lot more options! Today we had them with apricots and flax seeds, but there are so many other ideas. You could try hemp seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, crushed nuts, cacao nibs, goji berries, any dried berry or fruit or anything that sounds good to you!

As you can tell this would be quite a light lunch, but my boys prefer to eat light at lunch and have a heftier snack in the afternoon after nap time. Which is fine by me! It makes lunch preparation much easier and quicker!

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