Cloth Diapering 101

So…Diapers…. This is a topic near and dear to my heart for multiple reasons.  I LOVE the fact that I just have to throw diapers in the laundry instead of running to Wal-Mart when I run out of clean ones to use.  So much easier than running out at 10pm at night!  I also really like the fact that we have much less diaper rash to deal with.  I currently have an 8 week old and we are fighting diaper rash with her.  I have been using disposable at night because she has been leaking through the current cloth diapers we have.  I have been too lazy to wake up half way through the night just to change a diaper.  Since we are co-sleeping I have but to roll over to nurse.  Most amazing set-up in the world!  Her rash completely clears up when I have her in 100% cloth.  I just need to get back on my game!

We have tried a bit of everything and have found that prefolds work best for us.  They are more adsorbent, easy to use, and cheaper than ALL other options and last longer than ALL other options we have tried.  Currently we are using prefolds that I purchased from [amazon_link id=”B00212N1DS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] for $25 for 12 with my first son almost 4 years ago, which is a pretty good deal and have lasted SO well.  They are Indian prefold cotton which is important to note.  PLEASE don’t purchase the Gerber diapers and expect them to hold that much!  We did use some of the “all in one” diapers and they are very nice!  However, they are expensive, don’t last very long, and you have to purchase different sizes.  If I had money, though, I would probably buy [amazon_link id=”B001R5IQYY” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]bumgenius 3.0[/amazon_link] which are all in one and look and are used just like disposable diapers.  We have gone with the prefold (just like grandma’s old diapers) because they are cheaper, one size fits all.  The bumgenius go for about $17 each.  Ouch!  We ordered our original diapers from which was good, but I haven’t ordered from them again since I needed different diapers.

For diaper covers I use the Gerber rubber pants which are about $1 a piece.  The current options are made from peva which is 100% recycled material, but they don’t last very long and rip really easily.  The old versions were 100% vinyl and lasted for a long time and were cheaper than the current choices.  I’ve tried other covers like the Bummis, Thirsties, A Better World, Litewrap, and I’m sure there were a few others, but they never worked as well as the Gerbers.  I think all of my kids are heavy wetter which makes a heavy duty wrap VERY important to me.

Night time diapering usually needs a bit more absorbency which has ALWAYS been the case with my kids.  I’ve purchased some added bulk, but it is easy to make as well.  I’ve used old wash clothes, old fleece jackets that can be cut up, pieces of fleece blankets; just about anything that will add absorbency will work! Be creative, that way you don’t have to spend extra money on it!  I also am extra motivated to find just the right amount of diaper needed to keep them from leaking through because we co-sleep for different amounts of time depending on what the child needs.  I HATE changing the sheets on our bed and if there is a leak… then I have additional work ahead of me the next day… or even in the middle of the night depending on how bad the leak is!  For a while I have been known to have the little babies sleep on a changing pad to hopefully keep the leakage to a minimum!

Now if the prefolds are being used then you will need some sort of closure device, but they are especially rough on the Gerber rubber pants.  If you aren’t familiar with snappies they are elastic bands with small teeth that grip the diaper and hold it on. It is an easier replacement for the old diaper pins.  I do have some prefolds that are made out of fleece and diaper pins have to be used on these.  I really don’t mind the pins, but dear hubby MUCH prefers the snappies.

I will continue to post a lot more on cloth diapering in the month to come, but don’t want to overwhelm you too much at the start.  I know it seems like A LOT of information and appears to be very daunting, but it really isn’t that hard and isn’t too much added work.  I think with our first son our water bill went up $10 per quarter and that included all extra water usage like baths, clothing laundry and the like.  We have benefited so much by using cloth and I feel great that we are able to help cut down on trash.

4 thoughts on “Cloth Diapering 101

  1. This has been my biggest bummer with the twins. I sooo wanted to continue cloth diapering with them, but I just wasn’t able to keep up with the wash and didn’t have enough of the diapers to stretch for both of them. I currently use my second-best option: Seventh Generation Diapers. Once they get a little bigger, we’ll be swtiching to G-dipes since those are biodegradeable & flushable! Can’t wait!


  2. Wow, G-dipes!? Never heard of them before. Just checked out their website. Certainly seems like a way to cut down on some waste. Are these expensive?


    1. These are much cheaper than the fancy-delancy cloth diapers, but more expensive than the old fashion flat cotton cloth diapers like we use. They are good for people who want to give it a try, but not go 100%. G-diapers are kinda 1/2 cloth and 1/2 disposable.


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