Shepherding a Child’s Heart

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Shepherding a Child’s Heart

By, Tedd Tripp

Ok, so this book is a MUST read!  It has so many amazing truths and insight! I can’t believe the depth of what this guy writes!  I’d like to know what his family looked like!  In reading this book and the examples he gives it sounds like it was perfect with no anger, no yelling, no nagging, no pleading, no begging, no deceit, … pretty much no sin!  I know it wasn’t that way… but it certainly give me hope that things can get better!

The basic goal of this book it to help parents see the importance of shepherding or training and leading a child’s heart.  If we just parent to get the behavior we want or that is desired, then we will be parenting 24/7 and not having a lasting long term effect.  If we are training by looking at the heart, then one concept will change TONS of behavior.  Think about a child who struggles with selfishness (who doesn’t… myself included).  If you start talking to them about it and teaching them what the Bible says about it and how God treats people then it will help the child learn how to treat all people and respect them and serve them and show kindness and so much more.

Also, I can’t bully a child into doing what I want.  Maybe when they are somewhere between 2 and 5 I can coerce them or threaten them to do what I want, but as they get older they will realize that my threats are empty and there isn’t much I can do to stop them from doing as they wish.  This book is also about developing a bond with your child so that they know they are loved and accepted for who they are.  If they truly believe this then they will know that you aren’t trying to shape them into a mini-me, but that you are helping them grow into their own person who will be mature, a pleasure to be around and most importantly a servant of Christ.

This book addresses toddlers through teens.  It is truly an inspiration and it shows that parenting doesn’t have to be miserable, but such a joy as we develop deep and meaning full relationships with our children.  This book doesn’t make me feel overwhelmed or like a failure or that I’ve ruined my kids, but it encourages me to press on and seek God as I parent my kids.

It is so refreshing and simple and yet transforming.  I have a lot of work to do, but God offers much grace!  I may be adding this permanently to my book list so that I re-read it yearly.  It is that good and I will need that many reminders!

If you have read this book I’d love to hear what you thought about it.  Or if you are planning on it… I encourage you to start sooner rather than later!

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