Homemade Mustard

Condiments are easy to buy, but even easier to make on your own.  It’s also great because most of the ingredients are already in the kitchen!  If you run out of one, just make it again and you don’t have to figure out who is going to run to the grocery store before dinner can be completed!  We have truly benefited from making our own mayonnaise, salad dressings, ketchup and the like.My kids haven’t seemed to notice that they are a little different than before!  They chow down and gobble it up!  Our version of mustard has a little bite to it, almost like horseradish!  I often warn the boys so that they don’t add too much, but they still go for it!  You can tell it tickles their nose, but the always go back for more!I’m so blessed to have adventurous eaters!  Tonchi especially will try just about anything and usually likes it!  I remember when he was a little, just over a year old, one of his favorite snacks was blue cheese and pears (back when both hubby and were working and had an unlimited grocery budget!).  Koa is a little more picky, but won’t let on that he is!  He will eat whatever Tonchi eats because he SO admires his older brother!  They both love olives and squid (which they’ve nick-named squidy widdy!), hot sauce, pickles and some other strong flavors!

Recently Tonchi has had a hard time treating his brother with kindness and is just outright mean to him, taunts him or pushes his buttons just because he likes to see him get upset.  I’ve had a hard time trying to figure out how to teach him to treat his brother the way he would like to be treated.  Over the last year we’ve been using “Kindness Medicine”!  And it really works!  I just used an old brown bottle with a dropper from one of our homeopathic medications that was finished.  I filled it with pure apple cider vinegar.  They each get a dropper full when they need help remembering to be kind.  It really does work and they both LIKE IT!!! I have no idea how!  Tonchi always says “It tastes like pickles!”  Koa gets the full body shiver and face grimace, but then says “Mmmm like pickles!”

Anyway!!! How did I get from mustard to ACV?  Well lets get on with it and sorry for the rabbit trail!

Homemade Mustard
SO simple!  SO easy!3 TBSP mustard seeds
¼ cup ground mustard
white vinegar (probably about 4-5 tsp)
water (1/4 cup maybe… or less)
salt to tasteJust mix to desired consistency and flavor and it’s that easy!  You can also add a tablespoon of honey, some horseradish, fresh herbs, a little pepper, etc.  Or whatever sounds good!  I have no idea how long this will keep.  I mix it up about monthly and I’ve never had a problem with it going bad or getting moldy.  I am also really careful that there aren’t any double dips or dirty spoons dipped in!  If it is contaminated with food, I’m sure it wouldn’t last nearly as long.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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