The Convent: A Novel

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The Convent: A Novel
by Panos Karnezis

This was a VERY quick read and finished it in the first three days of our vacation last week!  It was recommended to me from the World Magazine and I usually really like the book recommendations I receive from there.

This was was pretty good, I thought.  It takes place around the turn of the century and involves five women who all come from varying backgrounds and all decided for different reasons to devote their lives to the work of God in a convent.

As I got to know each of these women better my compassion or allegiance changed!  I liked having multiple stories all rolled into one.  It reminded me of real life.  I have my life, but it is affected by and it affects others for good or bad.  It was also a good reminder that my choices don’t affect just me, but those around me.

This book is full of intrigue, secrets, guilt, desire, anger, bitterness, deception, regret and suicide.  The ending was sad and not exactly what I expected, but exactly like life.  Not perfect and not always a happy ending.

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