Family Photos

I know I don’t usually talk much about our family on the blog except in regards to taste testing recipes or a little story to go with a post.  I’m not changing that, but I thought maybe you might like to see what our family looks like!  There are a few photos in the “About Me” page, but I don’t really know how many people actually look at that!

And besides… we just had family photos done and I’m really proud of them.  One of my dear friends did them for us and her work amazes me!  She has been such a blessing to our family and these photos are a real treat!  I really want to make sure we have good photos of our family as our kids grow and change.  It happens so fast and I want to be able to remember as much as possible.

She did such a good job of taking a day in our lives and just photographing what we do, how we interact and who we are!  This… is our family!

So if you find her work as amazing as I do, you should go check it out. She has more incredible photos on her photography blog!






5 thoughts on “Family Photos

    1. Thanks! We miss you guys! I was just thinking about you recently and wondering what you are up to and how you’ve been!


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