Mediterranean Pepper Salad

So I can’t even come close to claiming this recipe.  But is it SO amazing I just have to post about it, even if it is just forwarding a link.  Our Care Group leaders made this for one of our monthly dinners and Brian and I went gaga over it!

I’ve made it for our family for dinner a few times and it’s also frequented a few potluck picnic events.  Each time it’s been a huge hit.  I LOVE olives and feta cheese and both of them just make this dish!  If you don’t like olives, I’m so sorry for you!  You are missing out on one of the sweeter parts of life!  And you definitely won’t like this salad.

So, as I mentioned earlier, Alyssa is our caregroup leader and she posted the recipe on her blog.  Also, just to send a shout out to her, she is a fantastic cook and I’ve gotten to enjoy many a meal with their family and can definitely sing her praise first hand experience!

In fact, you should check out her blog!  She takes AMAZING photos (which we just had our family photos updated with her!) and has a fun blog to follow!  She just chats about her family, amazing kids, hilarious happenings in the life of a mother and the joys that also come along with it!  You should definitely go take a gander.

So no real recipe here this time, and a short and sweet post.  You will also have to go elsewhere to get the recipe, but it’s surely worth an extra click!  Let me know how it turns out for you!


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