Adoption – A Guest Post!

This is a treat for me! Our dear friends are in the middle of adopting their daughter from Africa!  We have had the privilege to watch them walk through this and the process that is involved.  Their hearts are overflowing with love for this little girl and can’t wait to bring her home!  Read what she has to say about it and watch their AWESOME video!

Hi, all!

I’m thrilled to guest posting here. My name is Alyssa and Bethanie is a dear friend of mine (who happens to also be my on-call nurse and food guru!)

Have you ever felt like you carried something on your heart that was merge of a burden and dream. For me, that has been bringing one orphan into a loving family. I’ve carried this on my heart for the past 17 years, and am blown away as I am finally watching it come to pass. You can read more about that HERE.


But the reason Bethanie is graciously sharing her blog with me today is that we need your help! Adoption is many wonderful things, but cheap is not one of them. This week, we were featured on a wonderful adoption blog call Give1Save1. This a big fundraiser for our adoption and we need your help! It’s fun and EASY.

Click on this LINK to head over to our family’s featured post.


Here’s how 5 minutes of your time could greatly help cover our adoption costs:

1. Watch the video we made (it’s short)

2. Give $1

3. Share the LINK with everyone you know! (This is the super important part since the more viral this video goes, the more money is raised.)

Now wasn’t that easy? When else can you help change the future for an orphan in only 5 minutes?

It was lovely to meet you here!


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