Guest Post {Penn Quarter Mini Sessions}

I’ve had Alyssa Sieb guest post for me before as she has been raising money for her dear little girl yet to be adopted in Africa.  She is a dear and precious friend of mine and my heart hurts with her as she misses and yearns for her little girl yet to arrive.   So with that I have a guest post from her regarding an upcoming deal she is offering.  I’m not making any kick-back or deal by posting this for her.  Just putting this out there for my dear sister in Christ.  

She is an AMAZING photographer and I LOVE her work.  She has done our family photos at least 3 times if not more and she was just here today to do it again!  I will certainly share her work once I get my hands on them!  But until then… think about supporting her and get your photos done!  100% of the money is going towards their adoption… read the details! Continue reading “Guest Post {Penn Quarter Mini Sessions}”

Guest Post {Shone}

A while back a dear friend of mine guest posted about their upcoming adoption (and I posted (2 years ago) some family photos that she took for us). In the process they have also felt called to get involved somehow, someway in Ethiopia. Not sure what that meant they took a trip there and God opened their eyes to ways they could help. Here is one of the ways! I’m so excited to have her tell you about it! Read on to find out and check out her blog for some AWESOME photos and to read more about her awesome family! Continue reading “Guest Post {Shone}”

An Update and a Video

An Update:

Just wanted to give an update on the guest post that I had last week.  Our friends raised a grand total of $2,233 for their upcoming adoption!  Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the video and hopefully contribute to this awesome family!

If you didn’t get a chance to view the video, I’ve re-posted it below so that you can check it out!  It’s definitely worth the 2.42 minutes it takes!  And it isn’t too late to donate if you would still like to!  You can go to Alyssa’s blog and donate there.


A Video:

This video isn’t as important as the previous, in my mind, but it is still important non-the-less.  As women we often look at ourselves with a very critical eye and we don’t see the beauty that others see in us.   This video was shared with me from one of the moms in the Holistic Mom’s Group.  It is definitely an advertisement for Dove, but the message is fantastic.

Take a look and see what you think!

Adoption – A Guest Post!

This is a treat for me! Our dear friends are in the middle of adopting their daughter from Africa!  We have had the privilege to watch them walk through this and the process that is involved.  Their hearts are overflowing with love for this little girl and can’t wait to bring her home!  Read what she has to say about it and watch their AWESOME video! Continue reading “Adoption – A Guest Post!”