Goals for 2014

Here is our new set of goals for the year… I guess they are really my goals, but some of them entail Brian too! I don’t have much to say about them in particular except that I’m excited to work on these things! Each one of them is special and will enrich our lives; me and that of my kids and husband.

I’d love to hear your goal/plans/hopes/dreams for the future! I’m sure there is much for me to learn and ways to grow and add some ideas for next year for me!!! Please share!

Short Term Goals:

  1. Deepen my relationship with God, being more in-tune to Him working in my everyday activities and spend more time in prayer.
  2. Work more on my marriage – being more willing to serve and bless my husband. Also read at least one book on marriage this year.
  3. Make homeschooling plans for next year.
  4. Spend at least 10 minutes outside with the kids every day.
  5. Take advantage of how close Washington DC is and use it for more learning opportunities. Visit at least 6 times this year.
  6. Go camping at least twice if not more.
  7. Continue growing the blog, get more readers.
  8. Set one on one “dates” with each of the kids. Going out once a month for a special treat.
  9. Help the boys (ages 6 and 5) to make 2 or 3 goals for this year.
  10. Learn to Knit
  11. Repurpose/regift/thrift/give away/throw away 2014 items in this year.

Long Term Goals (in the next 5 years):

  1. Move to a new house with a yard and more space!
  2. Build Brian’s tree climbing business: Zacchaeus Tree Service – servicing the DC metro area! Contact us for any tree trimming or removal services!
  3. Reduce work hours, eventually quit working. Also thinking about starting a home business or small business of my own (health/financial advice/crafting/counseling, etc
  4. Persevere in homeschooling.
  5. Plan a 10 year wedding anniversary trip.
  6. Explore God’s long term call on our lives.
  7. Find ways to serve others: the poor, the orphan and the widow those in need in our own community.
  8. Continue to read, study, learn, research child instruction/training… never ending process!
  9. I’d also like to be more financially stable. Able to relax a little about spending money, not having to be so super tight each month and able to give more and save more.
  10. Build up our ‘emergency fund’ (4 months expenses in savings) and start contributing to IRA again.

And now to complete one of my goals for the year! A few goals for the boys. They are boys… it was like pulling teeth to get anything out of them! These aren’t exactly what I was hoping for, but they are only 6 and 5 respectively… so I’m sure they will grow in this area in the coming years! Will try again next year!

Goals for the Boys:


  1. Go bowling this year
  2. Work on becoming a football player
  3. Pray every day


  1. Play hockey with Julian and Jackson (cousins)
  2. Work on becoming a football coach
  3. Give God my best

Do you have any goals?  What are your hopes and dreams for this coming year and years to come?

5 thoughts on “Goals for 2014

  1. Those sound like great goals to have! I love what the boys decided on! Especially about praying and “giving God his best”.

    I have many goals this year, but of the most important is to stop spending money on things we don’t “want” and focus only on the things we really “need”. Looking back through our finances I’ve come to realize that we spend way to much money on crap! We are eating out to much and just buying because we feel like it! So I am really going to tighten our budget this coming year! But my most important goal is to let God take the lead and stop trying to make all the decisions! I need to focus and trust in him more in all area’s of my life!


    1. Those goals are fantastic and super important to family life! It takes a lot of work, but we’ve found so much peace and contentment in tightening the budget and not always buying stuff. It’s been nice to learn to enjoy what we have… I’m not gonna say there isn’t stuff we want, but that list is significantly shorter these days! I love the Dave Ramsey courses to help with budgeting… has helped us tremendously.


  2. Awesome goals! I need to be better about putting mine down on paper. Your boys are just so sweet, love their goals. Especially Koa’s #3…something I need to work on as well.

    Love knitting! It’s such a great craft outlet when you have little time and little kids. 🙂


  3. Some additional thoughts….
    Goal setting – the STAR Technique
    Time bound
    Dad’s additional Suggestion is to set a time…~ weekly or monthly…to review how well you are doing those actionable items in order to accomplish your goal. You may have to update your weekly “to do tasks” with some of those actionable items if you are not making quick enough headway. You may even decide to move some of those goals to you bucket list for later.


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