Parental Rights Amendment

I was reading a notice sent out by HSLDA about the increasing loss of parental rights and how easily our children can be removed from our homes.  It is so sad to see that it doesn’t take much.  Just a neighbor, in some cases stating that “the parents are involved in questionable activities” is enough.  No proof there is any harm to the children, nothing illegal, no neglect, nothing…

I’m not usually a conspiratory theorist, but the older I get the more I feel like I’m trending in that direction.  I definitely recommend that you read an article that HSLDA posted on this topic and examples of many violations of parental rights contained therein.

There is hope though!  There is an amendment proposed to the US Constitution which can be viewed here.

And if you agree with what it contains please consider signing the petition.  It won’t take long! Just a simple click.  I encourage you to take a look and consider what this may mean to your family!

Sign the petition


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