2014 Item Purge

This is a lofty goal for sure, but it feels so good to get rid of things and simplify life. Even though I don’t feel like we buy much, I still feel like we accumulate a lot from clothing swaps, gifts, hand-me-downs, etc. Therefore we have a lot that can be repurposed, regifted, thrifted, given away, sold or simply thrown away.

I also hope to make a little money by selling some things on craigslist. Sometimes it take some babysitting and monitoring and persistence, but it’s worth it to me to earn even just a few bucks! I’m also planning on using the money I get from these items to fund our homeschooling curriculum needs for this coming year. I hope to purchase most of what we need used, so this is definitely realistic… also considering I’ve already earned $75… we are out to a good start. I think I only spent $200 last year for everything we needed for school.

Now, the idea of getting rid of 2014 items for the year 2014 is definitely not my idea. I didn’t even come close to coming up with it! I have a few friends who are going for it and it encouraged me to give it a go as well. I feel like I’m constantly trying to get rid of things and give them away, so this is a great way to do it! You in for the ride?

I’m not sure if I’ll list everything out, just because who wants to read a list of things I’m giving away. I don’t think that would be very interesting… however, maybe some of the larger items I may have to post… or at least give an update periodically of where I stand… So here are the first things to go!


#1- #3. Snowboard, bindings and boots – sold on craigslist for $75
#4. Corderoy’s Christmas – regifted to friends for a birthday gift – A friend who doesn’t mind and appreciates it!
#5 and #6. new Sneeches Seuss book and new Veggie Tales DVD – regifted for a boys birthday
#7 – #20 – 14 pieces Gently used girls clothing taken to a consignment store – received store $30 credit
And the following items were donated to a clothing swap coming up…
#21 – #60 – 40 pieces of clothing
$61 – #102 – 42 Cookie cutters
#103 – #112 – 10 Christmas sponges for painting
#114-#118 – 6 bags
#119 – #132 – 15 children’s books
#134 – #159 – 26 piece play set of Noah’s Ark
#160 – #171 – 12 Baby items
#172 – #186 – 15 miscellaneous toys
#187 – #189 – 3 household knick knacks

So… in order to make my goal of 2014 items this year, it would mean that I need to clear out about 168 items a month…. so… it looks like I have a head start on that! I also still have a few more items listed on craigslist, so there are some more hopefuls!

It’s kinda fun to think about and plan and look at my home with a critical eye as to what we need and what it just sitting around taking up space and isn’t needed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to empty my home, but a 1000 sq ft 2 bedroom home for 6 people is a bit tight… so I don’t have room to accumulate too much… and it’s starting to happen! I need to get back on top of things and now is a good time!

You gonna give it a go with me!

6 thoughts on “2014 Item Purge

  1. I just started reading Clutterfree with Kids so now I’m in total purge mode. The author was saying if you don’t NEED it or love it get rid of it. It’s amazing how much we have accumulated.


    1. Oh wow! Cool! If it’s your book I’d love to take a look at it if you wouldn’t mind! It’s amazing how much you can declutter once you critically look at your living space!


  2. I absolutely love this! I cleared out 500 items last January in a huge purge and I do purge/organize constantly but this is a huge task! Living in 1200 sq feet with 5 people is a bit more room for us, but we still have to be creative in our space and I’ve found the less I have, the bigger the house feels and the happier I am! Dave and I have been on a craigslist roll, made $210 last weekend!


    1. WOW! That is incredible! Sometime I want to have my sister come with a critical eye and find more stuff that I can toss or re-purpose or give away! I know it would be super painful though! You know her!


  3. This is really inspiring Bethanie. I gotta look at our place differently and see what we can get rid of 🙂


    1. It really changes the way you look at things and has also made me rethink what I’m purchasing or bringing into the house to begin with. It has been so freeing and liberating!!!


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