God Can’t Sleep

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God Can’t Sleep
By Palmer Chinchen, PD

This book was very different than I expected. I thought it was going to be about God and suffering and how God doesn’t sleep when we go through trials. And while it was about that it took a different path than I expected.

This book is probably about 80% stories and experiences that the author had while overseas, mostly in Africa, in the midst of doing missions work. He grew up as the son of missionaries and currently has a church in the USA, and still returns to Africa frequently.

A lot of the stories, he retold, of the suffering of other people was sad and heart breaking. If you want an upbeat and encouraging read this is definitely not it. It’s quite sad and motivates me to pray for other believers all over the world. It also made me remember again how fortunate I am and how my suffering or my trials are minimal compared to so many others around the globe.

While it wasn’t what I expected it was still good and the things that Chinchen has seen, experienced, survived, lives through and learned was truly phenomenal. I do recommend this book, and hope you read it and enjoy it!


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