CSA Week #2

CSA Week #2

I think I posted a while back that I was going to host a CSA drop this summer.   Well, it’s started! This is the second week and our fridge is FILLED with yummy veggies!  The kids are even enjoying the variety and change in meal plans!

For the group who pick up at our home I’ve been sending out emails with a list of what they have in their box with a few ideas for dinner or snacks, or just how to use or preserve their produce.  After spending all the time to type it up and email it out I thought, “There are probably a lot of other CSA participants out there who are receiving the same veggies and would like ideas of how to use them as well.”  So I figured I would just share most of that email here, (y’all wouldn’t find all the drop details of interest!).  So read on and enjoy some new ideas for your summer veggies!

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I have so much fun opening my box and I hope you do too! I almost feel like it’s Christmas! I can’t wait to see what we get! And as soon as I start peeking I start to salivate and imagine all the good food I’m going to make this coming week! Ohhh!!! I can’t wait!

So… here are some ideas and recipes that I’ve thought of for using our veggies for this week. If you have other ideas or if you try one of these and really like it please share with the group so that we can all benefit!

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Aisling with a green smoothie mustache!

Kale: I REALLY like making Kale chips which are easy in a dehydrator. Just toss with salt and oil and massage it in to the leaves. Then dehydrate until crispy! We can tear through A LOT of kale that way! We also have green smoothies at least once a week and we will add kale, or the beet tops or spinach.  We also really like a sweet poppy seed salad dressing over a kale, craisin and almond salad.  Sometimes I throw in some grilled chicken to make it a full meal!

Cabbage: I grew up eating cabbage and Spam… I know… Spam… GROSS is what a lot of people have to say about that. However, there is a sweet spot in my heart for Spam even though I know it’s terrible for you! It is one of my grandfather’s favorite foods and all the grandkids LOVE it just to be like him! So I’ve a new recipe that we like almost just as well which is cabbage and HAM. Much better, I know… Here is how to do it. Super simple and quick dinner prep, and I LOVE it!


Beets: I LOVE me some beets! My favorite way is with a quick pickle.  Just be careful! Those beets, even though they are a beautiful color… they stain EVERYTHING and you can’t get it out! I made some eye shadow with beets last year… crazy right! But it worked… although it was hard to get off… but I digress. Beets, carrots and apple smoothie is fantastic! You can also add the beet greens to salads or in a green smoothie or however you like to eat greens!

Onions: Those are easy! I’m sure you don’t need any help with those… although… I will say, toss them whole on top of the grill and roast them and they have a toasty caramelized flavor that is spectacular!

Asparagus: Who doesn’t like asparagus! I like it roasted on the grill next to the onions! Drizzled with a little olive oil and coarse salt! For a treat, a while back, I wrapped some Asparagus in prosciutto and broiled it…. Oh man!!! that is my new favorite treat! SO SO SO tasty! ALL of us enjoyed that even the kiddos… they were begging for more!

Spinach: – Most people are familiar with spinach too, so I don’t have much to say about this one. However, if you can’t get through all of your greens before they go bad you can preserve them. Spinach is one of the easiest. I throw it in a dry frying pan and heat it enough to wilt it completely. If the pan is too hot, or it starts to stick, just add a bit of water. Once completely wilted, freeze it. Our favorite way to use it out of the freezer in a sausage spinach quiche.

So there you have it! A weeks worth of recipes for your delicious box of veggies! And even if you aren’t getting a CSA box, go visit your local Farmer’s Market, pick up some veggies that are in season there and give some of these recipes a try!

Happy cooking!

Until next week!


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    1. Haha!!! She is making sure everyone takes the right sized box according to what they ordered! She has chompers now!!! Makes a good guard dog!


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