RC Sproul 1939 – 2017

RC Sproul went to be with Jesus on December 14, 2017. There is much celebration in heaven at his arrival. This man was a renowned theologian in the Reformed world. He will be greatly missed by many. His way with people and teaching touched the hearts and souls of many. He had a way of presenting difficulty theological truths in a simple way that could be easily understood and convicting at the same time.

I remember as a teenager listening to his passionate talks on video that he produced. There wasn’t anything special about the videos, nothing like the inspirational and aesthetically pleasing videos that seem to be everywhere these days! Sproul would stand in front of simple podium with a whiteboard behind him. It wasn’t about the aesthetics as it was the truths that he was presenting.

He was influential to SO many including me. My theological foundation was deeply set, in help by Sproul and his teachings. I’m eternally grateful. I never met him or heard him talk in person, and there are so many Believers who could say the same, and yet he has influenced our lives in ways he never knew!

My Mom gave me this magazine which was a tribute to him. It contains about 20 articles. One is an interview with Sproul before his death and another interview with his wife and surviving children after his death. The majority of the articles are written by well known men and women in reformed circles, like, Stephen Nichols, Sinclair Ferguson, John MacArthur, Albert Mohler, John Piper, and Joni Eareckson Tada. Each offer a different perspective and memories of what it was like to be with this man and hear him preach. It is like being at his funeral celebration! Hearing the effects that he had on people for the sake of Jesus Christ!

fF any of my local followers would like to borrow the magazine I’m happy to share!

The last article was excerpts from his last sermon at St. Andrew’s Chapel on November 26th! Bringing God’s word to the people until his last days! What a man! May his life and legacy spur us on to glorify God and enjoy Him forever! Soli Deo gloria!

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