Fresh Green Beans

I’m not one for a lot of side dishes.  I prefer to cook one main dish and maybe a side of bread (paleo bread that is!) or fruit or salad or a veggie – preferably raw.  My goal is to be able to prepare dinner in an hour or less… all of dinner. From stepping foot into the kitchen until served.  Sometimes there is a bit of prep work to be done earlier in the day(defrosting meat, making mayo), but I don’t count that!

So, from the time aspect, it would be hard to make a main dish and a few sides to go along with it, especially if they need to be cooked.  A quick salad or raw fruit or veggie only takes 10 minutes or less to get on the table.  Also, I feel like a lot of side dishes take a lot of extra chopping, mixing and have a more labor intensive cooking.

This dish for green beans is simple and so delish!  Especially when they are fresh from your garden.  We are getting closer to the season of picking the dinner veggies from the back yard!  I can’t wait!

At first glance this dish looks a little odd… mustard on green beans? It is, but it is so tasty and adds a little zing with the lemon juice!  Even though it sounds a little strange… please give it a try… at least one little taste!

Green Beans
1 lb fresh french green beans
¼ cup butter or coconut oil
Juice of ½ lemon
1 TBSP homemade mustard
3 TBSP sliced almonds

Cooking option #1
Melt butter into wok or large frying pan and add a little water and steam greenbeans with lid on.  Continue to cook until desired tenderness.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well and serve.

Cooking option #2
Blanch green beans in boiling pot of salted water for 3 minutes.  Drain and put into bowl of ice water.  Drain when cool.  Melt butter over low heat, add mustard and blend well.  Add lemon juice and let come to a boil.  Toast sliced almonds until golden brown.  Pour over beans.  Toss and serve!

Once you’ve tasted let me know how it is!

2 thoughts on “Fresh Green Beans

  1. This looks really yummy! I LOVE green beans! …I also came across this blog with Paleo recipes and thought of you 😉
    …What do you think? Have you read her blog?
    (I aspire to be more holistic like you and this gal…You are inspiring and motivating! Thanks for your blog!)


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