Chocolate Dessert Smoothie


Two nights ago all of us had finished dinner and were sitting around and wishing we had a dessert or something sweet to finish off the meal. We don’t usually have dessert; in fact, we rarely have dessert, so why we were even craving it?

Whatever the case, we wanted dessert and I didn’t have time to do any baking… much less grain-free, egg-free and dairy-free baked goods are hard to come by and often are not quick to whip together.

We have been big into smoothies lately, so a dessert smoothie sounded good!  I was thinking more along the lines of a milk shake… and the boys were requesting chocolate!  So the challenge was on!

I searched a few of my favorite websites and recipe banks and got a few good ideas and then just started throwing things in the Vitamix!  And it worked on the first try!  I was so shocked.  I was completely planning for a mediocre milkshake.  But this was awesome!  And everyone in the family couldn’t get enough!  I even allowed seconds… on dessert!!!! because it was healthy!!!  Not a questionable ingredient to be found!

Check it out!

Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Chocolate Milk Shake

½ avocado
½ cup coconut milk
1 ½ cups water
10 dates
2 TBSP Cacao nibs or powder
12 ice cube

Puree all but the ice cubes until well mixed in the vitamix.  
Then add ice cubes and blend until thick.
Drink to hearts content!

Additional ideas:

  1. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m going to brew some peppermint or spearmint tea and freeze it in ice cubes and use that for the smoothie!  Then it would have a chocolate mint flavor.
  2. Could even puree a few mint leaves in there for the same idea
  3. Could add any type of fresh fruit, cherries, strawberries, or raspberries.  I would probably chop these small and just stir in at the end… but they could be pureed as well for a smooth shake!
  4. Add a tablespoon or two of almond butter for an imitation Reese’s peanut butter cup.
  5. I really want to add a shot of espresso for a moca shake!

I’m sure this is going to be a summer favorite around here!  Let me know what you think or if you have some additional ideas for flavors!


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