Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

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Crazy Love: Overwhelmed by a Relentless God
Francis Chan

This book has been on my desired reading list for about a year, but I didn’t put it on my reading list for a few different reasons. The main reason was that the library didn’t have it and I didn’t want to buy it with the potential of not liking it. Also as many of you know we are on a very tight budget and book buying is not part of it. But I’m fine with that! I LOVE the library and it makes us use it.

However, at Christmas this year a dear friend gave this book to me as a gift. She had no idea I wanted it nor had I really mentioned it to anyone. God sovereignly ordained for this book to reach my hands! I hadn’t had a chance to start reading it although it was like money in my pocket… burning a hole!

Then… our bible study decided we were going to read through the book as a group and discuss it. What a blessing that we had it and I’d been dying to read it anyway!

This books was just as good as I had heard and hoped. It is SO convicting and i’d love to read it again soon. There were so many, many things to learn, be reminded of and ways to be stretched and convicted.

The overall message of the book is to stop living like a middle class American who is a Christian on the side and to be sold out 100% for Christ. What does that look like and what does that entail and why would I want to do that? Living 100% for Christ means doing things I may not want to do, or scared to do or give things away that I’m attached to. Chan reminds us that ‘lukewarm Christians’ aren’t Christians at all. They are spit out, which in the Greek is more closely translated ‘vomited up’… what a picture!

Even as so many parts of this book were convicting and really made me think about how I was living life, I so appreciate the fact that Chan states over and over again that we can’t be motivated by guilt, but that it needs to be a response of overwhelming love towards God.

How do we get this love? Ask and it shall be given. How encouraging to be reminded that we can’t procure this love on our own. Only God can change our hearts and turn us towards Him. Only with eyes opened by His good pleasure can we see the great things He has done for us and respond in worship and love and devotion.

“When we are focused on loving Christ, it doesn’t mean we do less. I used to do many of the same things I do now, but I was motivated by guilt or fear of consequences. When we work for Christ out of obligation, it feels like work. But when we truly love Christ, our work is a manifestation of that love, and it feels like love.

In reality, not one of us will ever be worthy. It is useless to attempt earning it; you will never feel ready. It is unknown and uncomfortable. But there really is a God who forgives everything and loves endlessly.” (page 110)

This book really makes you look at life, NOW. How am I living. Is it different from the rest of the world? Do I stand out as a follower of Christ? Do I care too much about what other people think? Do I want to fit in? Have I tried to make this my home instead of desiring my heavenly home?

I strongly encourage you to read this and re-read it. There are definitely parts I take with a grain of salt and things I don’t agree with 100%, but I think that is true with lots of different books. However, on the whole, this book really makes you think and evaluate your life now.

If you’ve read it, I’d love to know your thoughts! Or if you are planning to read it… let me know!


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