Free Food for Millionaires

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Free Food for Millionaires
Min Jin Lee

So the last novel I picked up I quickly put down, returned to the library and picked this one up. It’s long… at 560 pages, but it was really good… or well… I couldn’t put it down.

The story is of a Korean-American young lady, Casey, born to immigrants and struggles a lot with being a third culture kid. She loves her Korean ancestry, but also loves being an American in NY City and all the potential it holds!

I’m not really sure why I couldn’t put this book down. I didn’t agree with most of the life choices this young girl was making, I didn’t understand how obsessed she was with status and wealth, I couldn’t relate to having a poor familial relationship and so much more. Maybe I liked it because there was hope that she would realize the futility of some of her choices and make changes for a better more fulfilling life.

I also think this is the sign of a good author. I was drawn in, I wanted to know what was going to happen to Casey and the family and friends around her. Even when I wanted to shake her and try and make her see what she was doing and how she was hurting herself over and over… I wanted to have coffee with her and ask her “why”.

I think the best way to describe what this book is about is relationships. Illicit relationships, familial relationships, partner relationships, hurtful relationships, work relationships, new friend relationships, old friend relationships, broken relationships, sacrificial relationships, and so many more. This book really does highlight the inner workings of these relationships and how they affect people (Casey, for the most part) and change the course of lives.

I do recommend this book as far as the readability, interest and the fact that is draws you in so well. However, I can’t recommend much for some of the morals, lifestyles, choices and desires. It can be quite vivid and there are a few sex scenes in it, if that sort of thing bothers you, I want it to be up front. However, I did enjoy it and can recommend it to others…

I would probably give it 3 stars (out of 5).

Are you familiar with this book? Have you read it? I’d love to hear!

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