Paleo Mexican Tuna Steak, Sweet Red Peppers & Avocado Salsa

On occasion we have some yummy tuna steaks… although I have to be honest… in the past I’ve just cooked them, flaked them and made tuna salad. The kids like it a lot and so do I! We usually just have it on cucumber slices or in lettuce boats. I probably overcook it, but I feel like it turns out really dry and that is definitely not my preference! I had looked many times in the past for a fail safe recipe and I finally found one!

We have had this a few times since making it the first time and it’s a go each time! Plus having avocado on top… how can you go wrong!


Since this recipe is from Eat Drink Paleo, I’m definitely not going to steal the recipe and I don’t even feel right posting it when it isn’t mine to begin with, so… a link will have to do for you. I’ll post a few of my photos of how ours turned out, but I’ll say Irena’s photos are better than mine as well!DSC08446

So about this recipe…. it did fit with in my time preferences for dinner prep and the flavor was out of this world! It was super simple, but sometimes that is what makes the best meal!

So I know this post is short and sweet, but I don’t have anything else to say! And if I try and come up with something then it would probably be something that no ones reads or makes it to the end of the post!

So here it is… check out this AWESOME dinner and enjoy! Let me know what you think!


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