Xanthie’s Birthday

My baby girl turned 1 last week! It’s gone by so fast. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was posting her birth story! She has been such a treasure and such an easy baby. She is so happy and easy going.. but I guess she has to be with 3 older siblings picking her up, pulling on her and trying to kiss her cheeks! She adores them!

I wasn’t going to post about her birthday, but then someone mentioned the fact that her birthday party was SO different than any other 1 year old party they had ever been to! I guess it isn’t the norm… but we aren’t ever the norm I don’t feel!


We held her special celebration as an open house from 1pm – 5pm and most people came around 2pm and stayed til the end! It was so fun to have family and friends around to help celebrate! We had some veggies and dip and watermelon to snack on and just played in the common area just outside our home. We took a couch out and friends lounged, sipped on lemonade, chatted and the kids ran, yelled, played on the slackline and climbed trees! Yes they did! Brian was the orchestrater of the activities!

Not much of the play items were for Xanthie, but she was happy to be free crawling and toddling around in the grass eating sticks and chasing daddy long legs!


For simple decor we had baloons in the trees, blankets on the ground and a little banner I had made for Aisling’s first birthday.


Mid afternoon we pulled out the cupcakes (allergy free of course and regular) and sung to Xanthie and let her eat her own cupcake. She actually finished most of it! The cupcakes I decorated as “baby in a bath” since Xan LOVES the bath. If she is crabby, just put her in the water and she will play for an hour at least… happily! When we go to the pool she is never ready to get out. The girl LOVES water.DSC09763

For those of you wondering what I did for the cupcakes, I just made chocolate zucchini bread and then topped with diary free white icing from the store. The icing was SUPER sweet, so it helped sweeten the zucchini bread with out being sickening sweet!



It was such a relaxing day with friends and family. I did’t have much to do and we just enjoyed each other’s company. We had requested no gifts, but of course a few brought presents for her! She did enjoy ripping the paper open and it was fun to watch!DSC09777

And for an August birthday the weather was beautiful. 80s with sunshine and a cooler breeze. Absolutely perfect! But my baby is growing up. ;(


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