A Glorious Easter to You!

I originally intended to post this on Easter Sunday and then completely forgot.  It was written and ready to post…  I didn’t want to scrap it and thought it was still good to share; even though it is quite a bit after Easter.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the here and now;  To be overwhelmed or underwhelmed with life and all it has to offer or all it has to loose.  Life is hard and it can seem like a dark and hopeless place, full of sorrow, trial, difficulty and work.  And I’m sorry to say… but it is.  However,… if we didn’t have hard times, if we didn’t have loss, if we didn’t have sorrow, if we didn’t have needs why would we need a Savior.  This world would be the best place there is, utopia, and there wouldn’t be a need for anything better.

But I have good news for you! Life is so much more than what we can see with our human eyes.  This life is NOT what we were created for.  God created a perfect world for us that we ruined… but in His love for us, He made a way out.  He sent His Son to fix our mistake, take our punishment and offer us hope of life everlasting with Him.  That would be enough… but it gets better.  He said he has gone to prepare a place for us.  If it is taking that long for GOD to prepare, you know it has GOT to be fantastic.  Better than any utopia we could imagine…. Even better than ‘no more tears and no more suffering’, which would be great!… But it’s better than that!!!  It won’t just be a lack of all that’s hard or bad or sad, but it will be everything.  We will be in the perfect place that HE created for us!

So when we get bogged down in the daily life, don’t just look down at the dusty dirty path, or the dead and rotting world around us… but look up.  See the glory of the cross.  It shines bright ahead of us.  Focus your gaze on Him who lost His own son, by choice, for me and for you.  That is worth ALL.

This video was shown in church and I thought it was so helpful reminder of the amazing, mind boggling God we follow.

May your Easter be Glorious!


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