Book Review {An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination}

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An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination
Elizabeth McCracken

It’s a simple read. It’s a great read when you just need something to fill your mind without taking too much energy. It’s good when you are grieving. When you are lost, or missing someone.

The author early on states she loses her baby. She was 41 weeks pregnant and her baby died prior to birth. She uses a bit of humor and raw honesty to describe how she felt and what it was like to walk through her loss.

She and her husband were living in France at the time and she talks about how France is now ruined for her. She never wants to go back and she couldn’t leave soon enough after her baby boy was delivered.

For much of her young adulthood she was happy being an author, single and content. She didn’t plan on marrying and wasn’t looking for a mate. Motherhood wasn’t something on her radar either. It is amazing to read how love and marriage and then a baby really changed her. This wasn’t her original plan in life, but she embraced it and was excited for new changes. But there was the big change of loss she wasn’t expecting. No one ever expects it.

This quote really resonated with me:

“I thought stillbirth was a thing of history, and then it happened to me, and yet now when I hear of a baby dying I’m just as incredulous. You mean they still haven’t figured this out? I want to hear about every dead baby, everywhere in the world. I want to know their names, Christopher, Strick, Jonathan. I want their mothers to know about Pudding.

The dead don’t need anything. The rest of us could use some company.”

Yes. Yes. Yes. I want you to know about Avi and Jussi. I, too, want to know about Pudding, Audry, Zeke, Isaac, Armand, Lily, Alistair and unfortunately the many others who are gone too soon.

Your mamas love you so much little babies and you are still missed every day.


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