Help our International Homeschooling Brothers and Sisters

This is a case that has been ongoing, but that I was just made aware of today… There is a family in Germany who was homeschooling their children when the government told them they weren’t allowed to continue.  They were fined, their children were going to be taken away and they were facing possible imprisonment.  The family fled here in 2010 and are seeking asylum in the USA. Continue reading “Help our International Homeschooling Brothers and Sisters”

Homeschooling 101

I’m sure (99.9% sure) this won’t be the only post on homeschooling.  We have entered into this venture at the start of the school year with Tonchi and I’m thinking it’s about to become my life for the next 15+ years… if we go this route with all the kids.  WOW!  Really… 15+ years?  I know I don’t have the faith for that! Continue reading “Homeschooling 101”

Peking Duck and Hoisin Sauce

This past week was our first week of homeschooling!  We had SO much fun, I feel like it was stress free and Tonchi and I  (and sometimes Koa and Aisling joined in) really just had a good time together.  I can say that after the first week, but I hope I can say that after the 4th week and the 44th week and the 4th year and so on!  This is a new start for us and I’m super excited! Continue reading “Peking Duck and Hoisin Sauce”