Fermented Mayonnaise

Mmmm… SO SO Yummy! The first time I made this I LOVED the recipe and it turned out amazing. It was thin like cake batter when I poured it in the jar, but after it fermented and was refrigerated for about a week it was as thick as icing! And OH so tasty! It didn’t have a fermented, tangy taste, which I liked, but it also didn’t taste like regular mayonnaise. This one called for a lot of sesame oil which gave it a very strong sesame taste. We liked it, but if that isn’t a flavor you typically enjoy I’d skip this recipe and move on the second one below. I think Brian really like this version because he associates sesame oil with Asian cooking and he called it his Asian mayonnaise! Continue reading “Fermented Mayonnaise”

Make your own Organic Coconut Milk for less!

$2 for a can of organic coconut milk at wegmans; $1.50 and 10 minutes time to make it at home!  I’m all about saving anywhere I can!  Plus I know the only ingredients are coconut and water.  I can be in control of what is added to it!  I know there aren’t any extra ingredients or any preservatives, BPA due to packaging or anything else! Continue reading “Make your own Organic Coconut Milk for less!”

We Made Butter Today

Ordinarily we use mostly coconut oil or olive oil for our cooking and dressings respectively, but after doing some investigation of Nourishing Traditions and all the benefits we are missing out on, I decided I’d like to start adding more animal fats back into our diet. So now I don’t feel so bad about using the bacon grease again and bringing butter back! Continue reading “We Made Butter Today”