House Decor {Crafting I}

And the work continues! I SO love the feeling of something new that it doesn’t even feel like work. Now if it was painting the room I would definitely feel that way! But I’ve opted out of that this time around! Each new day my mind is rolling, thinking of what still needs to be done, what I can do now and what I think would look best. I’m constantly looking at the room with excitement and with a critical eye. Continue reading “House Decor {Crafting I}”

Christmas Preparations!

Are you ready for Christmas? I’m ALMOST ready… Everything is made and wrapped except one project… and I’m waiting on dear hubby to finish his part so I can do mine. I RARELY am this late finishing up and it stresses me out!!!! I like to be mostly done except wrapping by Thanksgiving. Not happening this year! Continue reading “Christmas Preparations!”

Thanksgiving 2013!

It’s that time of year again! I feel like Thanksgiving is the kick off for the start of the Christmas season. I don’t mean to minimize Thanksgiving, but it seems that our already busy lives just kick it up a notch until the new year. Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2013!”

Christmas Gift Ideas

I’m sure some of you saw the title of this post and I thought… typo!!! or maybe an old post resurfaced and accidentally got re-posted… or some type of glitch in the dates or something or other! But no… sorry to say… not the case. Continue reading “Christmas Gift Ideas”

Aisling’s Birthday’s

Last week was baby girl Aisling 2nd birthday… it goes SO fast!

As a family we have decided that we will do something special together or with friends and/or extended families for birthdays instead of gifts.  So this year for Aisling we decided to have an open house from 6pm – 9pm on her birthday.  We invited 62 people (JUST close friends and family) and of those 43 showed up (in our 500 sq ft main level)!  Thankfully it was pretty spread out, but it was still quite a crowd and lots of noise and craziness!  At one point there were 10 kids under the age of 5  running around!  But we all had a great time! Continue reading “Aisling’s Birthday’s”

Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrap Options

I have always hated buying beautiful paper only to cut it, rip it and throw it away.  I’ve done it for many years because that is the thing to do.  Over the last five years I’ve come up with new ideas and have been able to repurpose all kinds of things to use!  It does take some time and effort to get started, but it can be continued for years with minimal effort.  I have been “collecting” for a few years now and haven’t had to purchase any gift wrapping supplies for at least 3 years. Continue reading “Eco Friendly Christmas Gift Wrap Options”

4th of July Celebration Preparation

I think it is important to remember where our nation has come from and how it has changed and the immense amount of freedoms we enjoy. I often get frustrated with politics, the direction this country has begun to turn, the taxes we pay, the amount of freedoms revoked and so much more. But at the same time, I can’t think of any other nation that has this much freedom and how voices can make such a difference. Continue reading “4th of July Celebration Preparation”

Make your own Playdough!

This morning the boys wanted to play with playdough, but they quickly became bored with what they had! I decided to make them some new colors and they LOVED it! I also love it because I know what ingredients are in it and I know Koa is going to try and eat some of it! Don’t all kids do that? Or is it just mine! Continue reading “Make your own Playdough!”