CSA Week #3

Another week of veggies has come and time for more ideas and recipes for our ingredients! I hope this last week has treated you well! 

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Here are the veggies and some ideas I had of how to use them this week! As always I’d love to hear what you are planning to do with them too!

Beet Tops – I gave some recipes on this last week, but if you don’t have the email or need the recipes then check out my recent blog post that has the same recipes! Last week I cut them up and added them to our kale salad and they were great. I also made a salad with only beet tops and it’s wasn’t that great of a hit. They weren’t super crisp by the time I served them and I think that was more the ‘concern’ from my young voting contingent (think 3-6 year olds). Crisp/crunch factor is important to them!


Lettuce – I don’t think any of us really need instructions on how to use lettuce and I think we are all quite familiar with it! This lettuce though, I must say is perfect for tuna salad wraps or egg salad wraps or hamburger wraps if you are gluten or grain free! Even my kids enjoy eating it this way! We’ve had LOTS of salad last week, so I think the kids are ready for a new method of eating greens this week!

Bok ChoySweet and spicy Asian pork shoulder is by far our favorite way of eating bok choy! It adds so much to the dish! This dish also doesn’t taste like a typical crock pot dish and is one of our preferred “guest” or “company” dishes. It’s easy, allergy friendly, simple and always a huge hit! We also saute it over high heat with a little lard and salt and pepper, sometimes garlic and onions as well! MMMmmmm!!!

Spinach – Another ingredient that doesn’t need much instruction, but definitely a huge favorite here! A few days ago I made a quick recipe with beans, pork, balsamic vinegar and mustard and served that hot over a bed of spinach. I’ve got to type up the recipe yet, but that will be posted on the blog before too long. Sorry I don’t have the exact recipe finished yet. If you are interested, email me and I can probably email you the ingredient list, otherwise stay tuned to the blog!

Kohlrabi – I can’t say I’ve ever cooked with this, but I’m super intrigued! I’d definitely love to know what you’ve done with it! In my reading and research I’ve found that before cooking or eating raw it does need to be peeled because the outer skin is tough. I’m thinking of trying this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo of just pealing, slicing and tossing raw with olive oil, lemon juice sat and pepper. Brian also found this recipe for fries that looks interesting as well!

Blueberries – Mmmm… just cold, wet and in a bowl please! That is exactly how Xanthie likes them and so do the rest of us! That was dessert for tonight! I will often go to a blueberry farm close to my Mom and pick LARGE amounts and freeze them for later use each summer. One of my favorite recipes is Brittany’s hypoallergenic blueberry coffee cake from Real Sustinance. It calls for cherries but I always use blueberries and it turns out fantastic!



Sugar Snap Peas – These are a favorite raw here as well with a bit of hummus or just some salt and olive oil. The kids frequently ask for them ‘because they are sweeter than your other veggies, Mama!” They say! Thankfully they see them as a treat! Crazy kids! I also like to add them to a quick stir fry or fried rice. If you are grain free I have a fantastic recipe for using cauliflower instead of rice that is delish!

Broccoli Leaves – I’m not 100% that is what these leaves are, but I’m 99% sure! 😉 Another great set of greens to boost iron and calcium! Eat up! I found this recipe for stuffed broccoli leaves which looks yummy, and may give it a try. And then there is this recipe!!! Watch the video below for another great way to have these nutritious greens and for a good laugh! Take a guess where he is from… I don’t know and a 30 second investigation came up with nothing!!! Check it out!

So there you have it! Another week of veggies!


Common Core Documentary

There has been a lot of talk these days about the Common Core and what that is. I was alerted by HSLDA that a short documentary was recently completed and is free to view online to help bring some light to the topic. The video is a little less than 40 minutes and offers a lot of information as well as some insight added from those who helped develop and fund them.

I found this short documentary informative. Whether you agree with the new standards or disagree I thought it was well written and put together. I highly recommend that as many people as possible view this so that we can all be informed and act on the information we’ve obtained.

Here is a link to the Common Core Standards which are made public for anyone to view.

There were 4 main problems that stood out to me. There were other topics addresses, but these four were what caught my attention.

  1. This seems to be an attempt to industrialize education when there is so much more to factor in than just standards and trying to get all children to achieve the same goal. These are little people we are teaching. They all learn differently, at different rates and with different cultural filters. These need to be taken into consideration by state and county and even each community.
  2.  These standards are government mandated. Why is the government even involved in creating a nationwide standard and then offering money to the states that adopt them? Doesn’t money alter perceptions and incentivize something that maybe should be looked at more critically? Why is there money being given in the first place if this is something that is going to improve public education?
  3.  By 2011 – 45% of states had adopted the standards and by 2013 65% of the public had never heard of the common core. This is a big problem in my book. If this is going to affect all of the children in public schools, then parents should know about this. Shouldn’t they have a say? How do they not even know what is going to change in their own schools for their own children!
  4. How do we know these are better? They may improve some areas and some schools standards, but it also lower others. Apparently, these standards state that each child who graduates highschool will be college ready… but this does not mean it will be enough to get into selective universities. In fact, SAT and ACT testing has been simplified to match the common core standards.

Our constitution is based on people governing themselves. The common core is or the people, but is it by the people? The Common Core, to me, seems to be a way for the government to systematize education making it easier to manage, but not necessarily better for the children.
I do think this is worth taking the 40 minutes to watch, and I’d love to know your thoughs and opinions. I will end with my favorite quote of the whole moving from Ze’ev Wurman, who was a 2010 Member of CA Academic Content Standards Commission and Former US Dept of Education Official.

“Is it the government’s right to teach the child what the government thinks the child should know or is it my child and I should have some say in it?”

This Burning Land

[amazon_link id=”0470550902″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]This Burning Land: Lessons from the Front Lines of the Transformed Israeli-Palestinian Conflict[/amazon_link]

This Burning Land: Lesson from the Front Lines of the Transformed Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
By, Greg Myre and Jennifer Griffin

This book did take me a bit to get through and I know the title can be a complete turn off at the start! My brother read this book and recommended it to my Mom and then she read it and recommended it to me. Continue reading “This Burning Land”

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and GIVEAWAY!

This is a first! I have a giveaway! 😉 So exciting! 😉 It seems like a blog has “made it” when there are giveaways. And… consequently I’ve tried to avoid that at all costs. I didn’t want to fall into the mainstream and just float along with everyone else, just because that’s the way its done and that’s how you get and keep readers. Continue reading “Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and GIVEAWAY!”

He has Risen – Happy Easter

Easter is so much more than cute bunnies, easter baskets, pastel colors, colored eggs, baby chicks, and lots of candy. Easter is about new life. Life that’s been given to us that we don’t deserve and that came at a great cost.

There is no way I could live with out sin. I go to bed each night VERY aware of how I’ve failed my family, been a poor example of Christ to my children and haven’t served my husband in the way I’ve been called. There is no hope for me, but in Christ. BUT CHIRST. Those words are huge. That is what makes me different.

I am nothing and can be nothing on my own… BUT Christ.
I AM a failure to my family… BUT Christ.
I’m a hopeless case… BUT Christ.
I’m not worthy of mercy and grace… BUT Christ.
I can’t pay my debts for all my sin… BUT Christ.

This list could go on and should go on. The more I realize my failures, the large Christ becomes. The larger my sin, the more I see my need for Him. Daily I need Christ. Daily His sacrifice is covering my sin.

I’m ever grateful and ever joyful for the gift that cost a life, that was freely given to me. that is a costly gift… I would never give the life of my son as a gift for another and yet that is exactly what God did for me in the life of His Son. My life has been changed by Him.

Here is a great video that is worth your time!

Documentary: Under Our Skin

I’ve had this film cross my radar for the past few years, but have never taken the time to view it. I have a few friends who have been battling with chronic lymes disease and to see what effects it has on their lives is so sad. They truly suffer and so many people write them off as having psychological issues. I’m so glad this video brings some hope into their world. Continue reading “Documentary: Under Our Skin”

Documentary: Earth Keepers

I happened upon this documentary on Hulu a while ago and just recently had a chance to watch it. It’s a little less than 1.5 hours and is well worth your time. It was quite enjoyable to watch! Mikael Rioux lives in Quebec, Canada and quite the demonstrator. Eventually he becomes fed up with just asking questions and wants to find real solutions. Continue reading “Documentary: Earth Keepers”



About 1 year ago Brian had his last attack of gout and it was after he broke a rotten tooth and before he had it pulled. It was about a 1 month period of time and he had two episodes back to back. Continue reading “Gout”

Reclaiming Desert Lands

More and more land is becoming barren and seemingly unusable all over the world. It was thought that over grazing and global warming were the major causes. However, no herds are there, no wildlife and the natural habitat is dying off. It was thought it was due to over grazing, but even US National Parks are having this problem and there isn’t any domesticated grazing and the wildlife is somewhat controlled.

What could be causing this?

Allan Savory has been studying this phenomenon for years and has seen dramatic results with his research and land recovery programs. It’s simply amazing and provides MUCH hope for future generations and for feeding the world’s populations.

I highly recommend taking 20 minutes to watch this Ted Talk. Simply amazing! Check it out!

If you’ve seen this, let me know what you think!

Pregnant in America – A Nation’s Miscarriage

This was a fun documentary to watch.  As I stated in my post on the book review of Redeeming Childbirth, I haven’t taken the time to do the prep that I should in this pregnancy.  The fourth time around I’m busier and each change isn’t as much of a novelty as it was the last time. Continue reading “Pregnant in America – A Nation’s Miscarriage”