Happy Thanksgiving!


I hope your day is extra special and that it is full of thanksgiving!  We have so much to be grateful for!  Just the simple everyday blessings that we often don’t even think about are HUGE!  Food to eat, a roof over our heads, health (or at least ability to see a Dr for our health), family,clothing to wear.  There are many here in this country and all over the world that struggle just to have these simple needs met.

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Family Photos

I know I don’t usually talk much about our family on the blog except in regards to taste testing recipes or a little story to go with a post.  I’m not changing that, but I thought maybe you might like to see what our family looks like!  There are a few photos in the “About Me” page, but I don’t really know how many people actually look at that! Continue reading “Family Photos”

Raising Kids

Why is raising and training kids so hard?  Why do I stay at home? Will I ever see fruit of my hard labors? I’m failing my kids!  I don’t know what I’m doing!  I’m affecting another life!  1000s of lives if you count their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so forth.  What I do now can change the world! Continue reading “Raising Kids”

Salt-Baked Chicken

I have long sung the praises of a brined chicken; a whole chicken soaked in water, sugar and salt for a prolonged period of time before baking.  This is spectacular, but I hate the waste (or so it seams) of salt and sugar just for a soak.  It takes 1 cup of each for each gallon of water, and it needs enough water to be submerged.  This is a spectacular way of making a whole chicken and it always turns out delish for us…. however… Continue reading “Salt-Baked Chicken”

Our Nation’s Birthday

The fourth of July! HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! I love all of the patriotic music, the festive clothing, good food, family gatherings and the fireworks!  My kids and I have been talking about this day for the last week!  Tonchi has been asking oh, about, every hour today how much longer it will be til we get to watch the fireworks.  Since I keep saying we have to wait until it is dark, I think he is afraid he will miss it because it will be bedtime before they are scheduled to start!  Both boys are SO excited.  Brian’s brother usually buys a bunch of fireworks to enjoy in the evening.  The cousins love it, but I think he loves it even more!  We don’t usually go see professional fireworks until next weekend.

Alexandria’s birthday is celebrated the week after the 4th and we usually celebrate Tonchi’s birthday that day.  They have amazing fireowks with the 1812 Overture being played by the Alexandria Symphony Orchestra and Quantico even supplies the cannons for added enjoyment! It is truly amazing and a GREAT celebration!  It helps to spread out the Patriotic celebration of birthdays including Tonchi’s!

But back to today.  I don’t want to get too long winded or preachy. I know we have all heard a million times to be thankful for the freedom we have in this nation.  The more I read news about what is going on in other counties and how the people are fighting, rioting and standing for their own freedoms, the more I’m gratful for what I have.  So many of these nations leadership is turning against their own people. How amazing it is we can hold peaceful rallies, protests and deomonstrations.  The governement doesn’t agree with what we are protesting usually, but at least we have the freedom to express our opinions and stand for what we believe in without persecution.

All this is thanks to the many valiant men and women who have served our country in the military.  Thank you so much for giving of yourselves so that I can live in peace and enjoy so many amazing freedoms.  So many have died and we don’t want to forget that they have paied the ultimate price.  not only them, but their families as well.  May you feel God’s peace and comfort and our thankfulness.

Have a fantastic Independence Day celebration!

God bless you! and God bless the USA!

4th of July Celebration Preparation

I think it is important to remember where our nation has come from and how it has changed and the immense amount of freedoms we enjoy. I often get frustrated with politics, the direction this country has begun to turn, the taxes we pay, the amount of freedoms revoked and so much more. But at the same time, I can’t think of any other nation that has this much freedom and how voices can make such a difference. Continue reading “4th of July Celebration Preparation”

A Great Snack: Homemade Gluten Free Crackers and Yogurt Cheese

With hubby’s new diet I’ve really missed snack foods, especially crunchy things! And no, carrot sticks don’t cut it.  I have found this recipe and it’s been a huge hit and it totally satisfies my need!  Also since these crackers are made out of egg and nuts they are quite filling, so you really don’t feel the need to eat a lot of them and consequently they last longer!  I’m not able to blow through them all in one sitting unlike a box of crackers! Continue reading “A Great Snack: Homemade Gluten Free Crackers and Yogurt Cheese”

Amazon Tutorial

I really debated about posting anything about Amazon, afraid that it would appear to be an advertisement. I will be honest and say that anytime you go to the Amazon site through a link on my blog I do earn a commission on what you purchase. I say that as a disclaimer, not as an advertisement and also as a way for you to help my support my family!

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A MUST see – Virginia Bluebells

If you live in northern Virginia, you have to go see the bluebells at Bull Run Regional Park.  They are absolutely beautiful and SO breath taking.  Now is about the peak time to see them.  My mom and I went today with the kidos and we had a great time.  The ground is carpeted with them and the fragrance in the air is clean, fresh and so sweet!  When you think there can’t be more, you round the bend of the trail and there are more than you could ever imagine, stretching as far as you can see! Continue reading “A MUST see – Virginia Bluebells”