Making and Canning Apple Butter

It has taken me way too long to get my act together and get this posted and now we are way outside of apple season. However, I’m going to post it anyway and hopefully you will be able to use it as a resource once we return to apple season later this year! Continue reading “Making and Canning Apple Butter”

Canning Strawberry Jam


As many of you know we live in a small town home (1000 sq ft/2 bedrooms for a family of 6) with minimal storage. Consequently I store most of my home canned goods in my mother-in-law’s basement which is only about 20 minutes away. We are often there to visit and I just pick up what I need when we visit. Continue reading “Canning Strawberry Jam”

Crispy Dill Pickles

I know this seems way out of season, but we made these at the end of the summer this year with some dear friends of ours.  The recipe came from them and they had gotten it from another friend.  So it’s just been passed around!  I certainly can’t take any credit for it, but it sure is good! Continue reading “Crispy Dill Pickles”

Canning – Part I – Peaches

My mom got me a bushel of peaches last week and I was so excited!  I still am!  They are so good!  So sweet and juicy!  Perfect for a cool summer dessert!  If you’ve never had an orchard peach you are missing out!  I purchased a few peaches as a treat last week from the grocery store and it was such a disappointment.  They were hard, grainy and had no flavor.  These were just the opposite! Continue reading “Canning – Part I – Peaches”