Plantain Crackers

I’m always looking for a new snack that isn’t too costly, doen’t take a lot of work to prepare and can easily be substitute for a desired convenience snack. For example my kiddos often want some sort of cracker or chip from the snack food isle at the grocery store. I try to avoid that isle at all costs, but sometimes you just gotta go down it! And to be honest, I want the snacks just as much as they do! Continue reading “Plantain Crackers”


Community meals are really important to us. Sharing fellowship and a meal with friends is one of our favorite things to do. Free conversation flows over a good meal and friendships grow deeper and connects made over food and drink! Continue reading “Mafe”


Many of my friends know of our Sunday tradition… it’s a day of rest and I really LOVE how the pioneers really took that literally and didn’t cook, wash, or do any work of any kind! Now I do think it kinda went to the extreme, but I also think we do not take it seriously and don’t truly rest on the day of rest! I’ve certainly been known to throw in a load of laundry on Sundays. Continue reading “Popcorn”

Apple Date Dip

Eggplant and zucchini season have about passed, and we are also coming to the end of the apple season… however, I still have a bushel of apples sitting on my counter! I’ve already made some apple butter (I’ll post about that soon) and a little bit of applesauce and now I’m working on dried apples. Continue reading “Apple Date Dip”

Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I did post a cauliflower pizza crust a little over a year ago, but it had LOTS of cheese in it which tasted fantastic… but not really on our diets these days! the middle two kiddos can’t have any dairy, Tonchi can only have raw dairy and Brian and I can have limited raw dairy! Quite a list to remember… and poor baby Xanthie doesn’t stand a chance. Of course only 6 weeks into her life we aren’t sure if she has any allergies, but we will find out soon enough I’m sure! Continue reading “Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust”

Eggplant Dippers with Paleo Ranch Dressing


This post is pretty much the antithesis of my previous post on Paleo Vegetarian Lasagna.  We til have eggplant arriving by the bushels (or so it seems!) and I HAD to find a way to use it that we would enjoy… so why is this this opposite??? Continue reading “Eggplant Dippers with Paleo Ranch Dressing”

Paleo Eggplant ‘Meatballs’


So we still have lots of eggplant coming out our ears and I’ve been scrambling to find ways to use it and enjoy it! 😉 Thanks to my sister who made some eggplant ‘meatballs’ that were amazing I decided to try and recreate a paleo version that my family could enjoy! Continue reading “Paleo Eggplant ‘Meatballs’”

Grilled Eggplant with Tomatoes Basil and Feta

We have eggplants coming out our ears and I’ve been trying to find creative ways to eat them! I’m usually not a huge fan, although I’ve found that salting them helps to remove some of the bitterness and adds flavor! The texture was something my kids had to get used to, but this recipe was a huge hit for them! We also really like our eggplant pizza crust, but I’m always looking for more ideas! Continue reading “Grilled Eggplant with Tomatoes Basil and Feta”



Recently I’ve been itching to purchase some [amazon_link id=”B001ELLBJS” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Great Lakes Grass Fed Beef Gelatin[/amazon_link] because of all the health benefits (post on this coming soon) it offers and for it’s many uses. I’ve especially been wanting to make some marshmallows for the kids to enjoy over a campfire and not worry about the high fructose corn syrup and food coloring in them (yes… even though they are white, they still have dyes!) So hopefully I’ll have a recipe to post on that as well before too long… but first off I started with Jello. Continue reading “Jello”

Hot Crab Dip


Last week we were short on lunch ideas and I was hoping to find a can of tuna in the closet to make some tuna salad for the kids. It was a no go. We were overdue for a grocery trip, but so busy with fun things to do that we hadn’t made it out! Continue reading “Hot Crab Dip”