Turkey Day Food

I couldn’t post this on Thursday or before since I hadn’t made it and didn’t know exactly what I was going to make too far in advance! However… The food was delicious even though I was only responsible for 3 different sides! Thanksgiving foods tend to be traditional in that families have their tried and true…. but these recipes are still great foods for any day of the week or for Christmas which will be here before we know it! Continue reading “Turkey Day Food”

Southwestern Breakfast Casserole

We just love the corn tortillas hat Trader Joes sells. They have four ingredients (corn, lime, water and salt). We usually have quesadillas once or twice a week even though it isn’t paleo! It’s easy and on school days or busy days it’s fast and easy and ready in seconds and is always a hit! Continue reading “Southwestern Breakfast Casserole”

Gluten and Dairy Free Baked French Toast

This recipe isn’t exactly paleo, but I needed a new gluten free option for breakfast and french toast is a common request. This recipe really turned out great the the kids really enjoyed it! It also filled them up which is huge in this house! Continue reading “Gluten and Dairy Free Baked French Toast”

Post-Thanksgiving Mashed Potato Patties

I know it’s a bit past Thanksgiving, but I did make these the week after our delicious meal! My sister had copious amounts of leftover mashed potatoes that she didn’t want to keep and my mother in law delivered us a LARGE package of leftover mashed potatoes as well. It seemed we had them coming out our ears! Continue reading “Post-Thanksgiving Mashed Potato Patties”

Sausage Spinach Quiche


I LOVE quiche!  So light, and yummy!  I remember my Mom serving it with a bowl of warm soup on a cold day!  It’s been a bit chilly here in northern Virginia for springtime!  So this was just the thing.  We’ve had the heat turned off since it warms up in the afternoons…usually!  But last night it was in the 30s!  So the house wasn’t quite so warm this morning!  Even by this afternoon I needed something to help heat things up!  I tried drinking a cup of warm tea, but it wasn’t enough to warm me up! Continue reading “Sausage Spinach Quiche”

Deviled Eggs

Does anyone besides me get stuck on lunch ideas?  We do often have leftovers from the night before, but recently we’ve had some BIG eaters around here and we’ve had enough leftovers for 1… so Brian usually takes that to work for lunch. Continue reading “Deviled Eggs”