Happy 2nd Birthday Avi

I don’t know how it can be 2 years. It does seem so long ago, and yet it still seems so recent. As I look around at the toddlers around me who are the same age as you would have been it reminds me even more of what I’m missing. New words, todder running, potty training, toddler beds, and so much more. I love these little ones running around, but it does make me think of you and miss you greatly. Continue reading “Happy 2nd Birthday Avi”

And… Changes become more apparent!

So many of you dear readers have faithfully walked with us through the last two years of difficult times. I’m so grateful and so humbled and blessed. It’s not easy to hear the hard stories and the tears and the struggles. But you did. And you’ve offered many words of comfort, prayers and endless hugs and listening ears. Thank you. Continue reading “And… Changes become more apparent!”

Change is Imminent

Change is always imminent. I like to think things are stable and under control and smooth sailing. But truth be told I’m not in control of any of it and all of it could change in a moment. I’m not advocating that we all should walk around thinking there is a black cloud above waiting to burst at any moment… the change may be good. It very well could be a cloud filled with rainbow sprinkles that’s about to burst!

Some people love change. I would say I usually do love change…. On my terms! I like routine, but not too much that it gets boring. I like to have an outline for the week, but I like to be able to change it up and have the freedom to do something completely different if it suits! Or if an awesome opportunity comes up for the kids schooling I would like to not have to rigid of a schedule that we miss out. I don’t like the same meal over and over for dinner. I like to move furniture around in my house periodically! I don’t want to vacation in the same place each year…I like a job that is a little bit different each time I clock in… and the list could go on…

But I do like consistency. I LOVE long and stable friendships. I like deep relationships with honesty and commitment. That can’t be gotten with quickly changing friends. I like knowing my community. I like being faithful to one church and digging into people’s lives and walking through the messy parts and hard parts. I like that we’ve been in our house for 14 years and we’ve made it our space. I like knowing my neighbors. I like having deep roots where we are. Those things I DON’T want to change.

Since late August I’ve had a sense that there is change coming for our family… and not really the change that I like! Not that I won’t welcome it, or that it won’t be good. The Lord has been gently preparing me, I believe, to be open to change that isn’t usually what I’m looking for. To not get too set in our everyday routines and cycles of life that I don’t see new opportunity that might be right for our family.

Brian and I have talked about this and prayed about it over the last few months and things just seemed to be the same. Nothing dropping out of the sky, no lightning bolts, nothing huge. Just everyday life! We also didn’t have any specific ideas in mind or new directions we wanted to investigate.

I don’t know what God has for us. I don’t know what life holds. But I want to be open and available. I don’t want to schedule my life and try and control it so much that I miss great and good things God wants for us. It seems the sky’s changing. I don’t know how and I can’t see the clouds, but I can smell it in the air!

Happy First Birthday Jussi

Happy First Birthday Jussi

Wow! It’s been a year. How has it gone so quickly and how does it feel so long ago? Continue reading “Happy First Birthday Jussi”

I Choose Joy

It’s been a while. Posting hasn’t been quite as frequent lately!!! Wow! Time flies when business creeps into your life. Friends recently have commented to me on my blog and writing and state things like, “Well, I couldn’t do it. I’m not a writer.” Sorry to disappoint… I’m not a writer either! Continue reading “I Choose Joy”

A War Within

When life gets hard, I just want to go inward. I want to build up a thick wall and hide. I don’t want to talk to people, I don’t want to grow relationships, I don’t want to give of myself or my time or my money. I don’t want to serve others, my husband or my children. My walls get thick and my face is hard against anyone who dares try and enter the soft spots of my heart. Continue reading “A War Within”

Book Review: {Joy: Poet, Seeker and the Woman who Captivated C.S. Lewis}

[amazon_link id=”0151013713″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Joy: Poet, Seeker, and the Woman Who Captivated C. S. Lewis[/amazon_link]
Joy: Poet, Seeker and the Woman who Captivated C.S. Lewis
By, Abigail Santamaria

I read a short review on this book in the World Magazine which made this book sound very interesting. Also I’ve heard the saying “Behind every great man there is an even greater woman.” With that thought in mind I’ve often wondered much about CS. Lewis’s wife. Continue reading “Book Review: {Joy: Poet, Seeker and the Woman who Captivated C.S. Lewis}”

Paleo Chocolate Milkshake

This is an old post… that never got posted.  I wrote it when I was pregnant with Avi… it’s crazy to think that was about two years ago.  When I found it this afternoon I was going to rewrite the whole thing and only keep the recipe.  But I wrote it then, and it brought back some memories that have faded.  I had forgotten that I was craving carbs with him and I didn’t remember this was a fix for me!  So I left it the way it was originally written…. read, taste and enjoy! Continue reading “Paleo Chocolate Milkshake”

Book Review {rare bird}

[amazon_link id=”1601425201″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Rare Bird: A Memoir of Loss and Love[/amazon_link] 
rare bird: a memoir of loss and love
Anna whiston-Donaldson

I feel like I’m on a dark book trend. Books that are sad. Emotional. But also hopeful. Spots of happiness. Sometimes… even redeeming. This and the next book review will be in the same genre.  Since we had a week at camp I was able to do a bit more reading than usual and it was lovely! Continue reading “Book Review {rare bird}”

Family Camp 2016 at White Sulpher Springs

We had an amazing opportunity to travel to White Sulpher Springs for family camp this past week. The week was better than we could have imagined! Top of the list for me was that there was no cooking, no snack making, no food prep what-so-ever!!!! I don’t think I’ve ever had a week out of the kitchen ever! Continue reading “Family Camp 2016 at White Sulpher Springs”