It’s been a while since I’ve had a baby teething! I had forgotten so much! But here we are!!! A baby teething again! It feels like it’s been so long ago!!! Continue reading “Teething”

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated

Do I dare even open this can of worms? Why yes, I do!…

I will start off to say that we have chosen NOT to vaccinate our children. As the parents of the wonderful kids we’ve been given, we are given the right and privilege to care for them in the best way we know how. With our research, study, and prayer we have decided what we believe is best for OUR family. It is NOT my right or privilege to decide what is right for YOUR family. That is your right and responsibility! Continue reading “Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated”

My Yellow Drink

Lately my posts have been deeper, more philosophical and not super joyful.. Time for a bit of a change. I’m certainly not always in that frame of mind,although it does seem to be more of a new norm for me! Continue reading “My Yellow Drink”

CSA Delivery {Week 6}

Last year I was VERY faithful about sending out a weekly email to all the CSA subscribers about what was in their box and how to use it or different recipes using their weekly ingredients.

Here we are 6 weeks in and this is the first post/email about what our boxes contain! Continue reading “CSA Delivery {Week 6}”

Rendering Lard

Lard!!! LARD!!! You may say… that’s what most people say when they hear we cook with lard. “Don’t you know that stuff ‘ll kill ya’!” “That’s what my mama cooked with back in the day.” “Your a nurse and you use saturated fats?” Continue reading “Rendering Lard”

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and GIVEAWAY!

This is a first! I have a giveaway! 😉 So exciting! 😉 It seems like a blog has “made it” when there are giveaways. And… consequently I’ve tried to avoid that at all costs. I didn’t want to fall into the mainstream and just float along with everyone else, just because that’s the way its done and that’s how you get and keep readers. Continue reading “Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil and GIVEAWAY!”