Paleo Chocolate Milkshake

This is an old post… that never got posted.  I wrote it when I was pregnant with Avi… it’s crazy to think that was about two years ago.  When I found it this afternoon I was going to rewrite the whole thing and only keep the recipe.  But I wrote it then, and it brought back some memories that have faded.  I had forgotten that I was craving carbs with him and I didn’t remember this was a fix for me!  So I left it the way it was originally written…. read, taste and enjoy! Continue reading “Paleo Chocolate Milkshake”

My Yellow Drink

Lately my posts have been deeper, more philosophical and not super joyful.. Time for a bit of a change. I’m certainly not always in that frame of mind,although it does seem to be more of a new norm for me! Continue reading “My Yellow Drink”

Sausage and Basil Mini Quiche (GF and DF)

We eat eggs almost every morning for breakfast. Occasionally my kids will ask for something different which ends up being steel cut oatmeal bake, grits or gluten free french toast. We all do like eggs, but having something different once in a while is nice. Continue reading “Sausage and Basil Mini Quiche (GF and DF)”

Processing LOTS of Cherries

Over two days I was GIVEN 62 lbs of cherries. 50 lbs were seconds and were small Tartarian cherries and the second batch was 12 lbs of large champagne cherries. Both tasted fantastic and were a huge treat! But to process all of these! There were certainly some late nights involved. But Brian stayed up with me and helped and it was almost like a date night! Working and chatting together… most of the time with a beer in hand! Continue reading “Processing LOTS of Cherries”

Rendering Lard

Lard!!! LARD!!! You may say… that’s what most people say when they hear we cook with lard. “Don’t you know that stuff ‘ll kill ya’!” “That’s what my mama cooked with back in the day.” “Your a nurse and you use saturated fats?” Continue reading “Rendering Lard”

Mac n’ Green Ginger Coconut Sauce

I’ve been tired of the same old, same old for lunch lately. I’ve gotten stuck in a rut having the same thing over and over. The kids don’t seem to mind, but I do! Also, I’m really looking for GOOD food and I’m just stora eating lunch to get me through til dinner, but not really enjoying it. Continue reading “Mac n’ Green Ginger Coconut Sauce”

Left Over Turkey – What to do with it!

Two week ago we celebrated Thanksgiving with our Bible study and we were in charge of the turkey. I cooked a 27lb bird for 16 adults and 18 kids… we ended up with LOTS of leftovers! I’m not complaining! We had some for dinner that week and I froze some for future use! Continue reading “Left Over Turkey – What to do with it!”

Turkey Day Food

I couldn’t post this on Thursday or before since I hadn’t made it and didn’t know exactly what I was going to make too far in advance! However… The food was delicious even though I was only responsible for 3 different sides! Thanksgiving foods tend to be traditional in that families have their tried and true…. but these recipes are still great foods for any day of the week or for Christmas which will be here before we know it! Continue reading “Turkey Day Food”

Salmon Cauliflower Pasta Bowl

I know the CSA was last delivered over 2 weeks ago, but I still have some cauliflower left in the fridge… .and I have no idea what to do with it. Usually we just roast it in the oven until it’s tender and the edges are nicely browned. However, for some reason my kids have decided they no longer like it that way and prefer to have it some other way. Continue reading “Salmon Cauliflower Pasta Bowl”